Homes and Hearts What Gives

Home is where the heart is…

I realized today that homes and hearts are more similar than I had ever thought.  As I sat in my living room looking at all the “stuff” laying everywhere I was overwhelmed to say the least.

Annie said to me, wow it’s amazing I never knew you had so much stuff until it’s pulled out.  Oh man that got my mind running more than it already was.  How true that statement was and how it parallels our hearts.

In our homes we have chests and drawers, cabinets and closets in which the “stuff” of our lives is so neatly placed, or if you are like me, some not so neatly (but I do know where things are).  So too our hearts have their own chest and drawers, cabinets and closets.  These places we call caverns where we place the “stuff” of our lives.

Here’s where the last year all came rushing back to me in a flash….sorta like back to the future style, as I didn’t have too much time to ponder it all.  We can stuff the hiding places in our homes and our hearts.  We can pack it all in, at times it’s neat and tidy and other times we throw it in and try and squeeze the door closed.  We pile “stuff” on “stuff” and we continue to shove the old farther and farther back in the deemed space until we forget it’s even there….

Then comes the time to move, or in my case, pack it all up to walk away for awhile.  When spaces are emptied and is sitting in piles there’s alot, it’s messy and it’s overwhelming because we just don’t know where to start.  Same things happens with our hearts if we don’t deal with our “stuff”, when we don’t go before the Lord with the places of our hearts, when we shove wound upon wound, heartache upon heartache, insecurity upon insecurity, when it is time to look at it, boy it’s alot.  We just don’t even know where to start, but, we have to start somewhere because there’s only so deep and wide a closet before things begin to creep out.

I have spent the last year opening up the closets, the cabinets, the drawers and the chests and dealing with the “stuff” of my heart.  It’s been the most BRUTIFUL (brutal+beautiful) experience of my life; if asked to do it all over again knowing what it would look and feel like I WOULD!!!  As I literally purge and repack my life so that I might walk away for six months I couldn’t be more excited for what it come, what diamonds will be unfolded.

As this year 29 wraps up for me I cannot wait for this next journey to begin……


5 thoughts on “Homes and Hearts What Gives

  1. You could always write and always find a perfect analogy:) and you were amazing in your talents to know what was in your piles without even tearing them apart-incredible piles I remember in that dorm room! Enjoy this chapter of your life and I am so happy for you…

  2. Ugh! I just wrote you this huge comment and it got deleted 😦

    your words are so inspiring and touching. I really tried not to choke up as I read this post to my husband. Even though you and I aren’t exactly close friends I’ve always looked up to you hugely as a trainer to start… Later seeing your facebook posts and just being around you were the type of person I or I’m sure a lot of people wanted to be around or get to know. Always loving your outfits, your motivation unto others, and just you. Your like my sister in law Trista a person I strive to be. I always seemed to pick you out at church in the ampitheatre every Sunday and I remember one seeing you on your knees in prayer and later wiping your tears… And knowing you probably just had an intimate conversation with the Lord left me a little jealous but wanting it or myself … And realizing how many times myself I fought back tears for fear of embarresment so many times at church. I’m anxious and excited fr your journey because I know the Lord is truely amazing. I am anxious to continue to read your posts on your journey and to hear how your kifebis being changed. Another ones journey is truely inspirational and exiting to hear and I’m sure will touch so many others lives. Good luck and I can’t wait to hear more of your words!

  3. Wow if that doesn’t make ya think….very deep and very true for all of us for sure. I am so thankful Lu for the moments we have shared in the last few weeks and how the Lord does work in miraculous ways. You mean the world to me and I am very excited for you and your amazing journey. You will have so much to share I know. You are loved so very much.
    Auntie Doina xoxox

  4. I’m super excited for this blog!!!! I loved writing last night.

    @Jen, thank you do much for those sweet sweet words. The last 10 months have been such a walk with the Lord it’s unreal. It’s possible for you as well! I promise.

    @Dev, oh man my piles! I’m sorry you had to deal with ALL my messiness!!!! I love you and miss you!

    @Auntie, thank you for your sweet kind words. I love you too!

    @Ava, thank you for you little message of support! I hope things are going well for you!!!!

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