Drinkin’ The Cool-Aid

One of my guy friends uses a phrase entirely too often, most of the time it drives me crazy….he doesn’t know this, so it will stay our little secret!!! Deal? You ready to hear what it is?


Yep, I hear it all too often, but here’s the thing, in the last two months or so I can’t even tell you how many times the Lord has so faithfully, “smashed me out” and for that I could not be more grateful!

I absolutely loving reading books that literally rip open my heart and cause me to question all I’m walking through. Well if you haven’t heard of Hinds Feet on High Places, it’s one of those books. I couldn’t put the thing down. The problem was though, that I couldn’t stop journaling either. Read a page, write 5, read a page, write 3, read a page…..cry! But there was one passage from that book that completely changed my life.

This year was marked as my year that God would be unveiling beauty in me I didn’t know I possessed. It very much has been. When we hear the word beauty, especially inward beauty many things come to mind for me. In this passage God is talking to Much-Afraid and He tells her what He finds most beautiful. In reading this I was “SMASHED OUT!”

“You have one real beauty, Much-Afraid, you have such trustful eyes. Trust is one of the most beautiful things in the world. When I looked at the trust in your eyes I find you more beautiful to look upon than many a lovely queen.” -Hinds Feet on High Places

Trust? Really? Of all the traits I might possess that God would find beautiful trust never even occurred to me. Not once. After I stopped to think about it I was dumbfounded by my dumbness….of course it’s trust. For without trust there can be no life. If I do not trust the Lord in ALL things how will I ever trust those around me, how can I trust my circumstances and so on. I CAN’T!!! Period, plain and simple, it’s just not possible.

After I read this God asked me to trust Him, He then asked me to trust my family, my friends, my life, their hearts, their motives, and to trust the Jesus in them. I was then asked to trust that God always has my best and even more than all this, the hardest part, TRUST THE LOVE AND THE PAIN.

When we do not trust the Lord or those He’s places in our lives He can never fully, love, choose or fight for our hearts. The day I realized this beauty was the day that I found both joy and peace for their is great comfort in knowing the Master of the Universe has the best for me always.

Do you trust? Do you possess this beauty? Would you choose this beauty?

-Smashed Out Crenshaw

11 thoughts on “Drinkin’ The Cool-Aid

  1. Lu,

    It’s so awesome reading about your life and how God has placed this calling on your heart. For those of us a bit older, with families and “normal” jobs, it’s hard not to be envious of your position. The ability to pick up and “GO” when God calls is priceless. I know you know that. For the rest of us, it’s harder to hear, or see, but God’s calling is there for all.

    I’ve decided recently to abandon any chance of profitability in my affiliate and just go and train teens where they are; school, sports, the park, wherever…for free, no dues. No fees. God has given me the talent to suffer the worst of teen antics and come out unscathed, that is not a talent I’ll waste. I’m surprised how the smallest bits of kindness in my mentoring and coaching have such a huge impact on them. I guess it’s because they don’t see it everyday at school, or with some of their other coaches, and that is too bad.

    Your blog will be a blessing to read, keep posting it on Facebook or I’ll forget it’s there! LOL!

    Hopefully we’ll meet someday. You are among the few “diamonds” in this CrossFit movement. It’s becoming a sea of “trainers”… not enough Coaches.

    God Bless.

  2. Lu,
    I am so stoked for the journey that you are on. Just reading your this brought me back to exactly 4 years ago at this time when I was sitting in Colorado Springs for the first time, alone, embarking on my DTS adventure. This was the biggest thing that God “smashed out in me.” TRUST! Not only trusting those who I thought deserved it but those that God had put in my life as a way for me to learn to trust him through the love they offered and the pain I had to walk through to fully trust them. Thanks for sharing this, it is such a great reminder of all that God does in us and a joy to look back and see how much he has accomplished in our broken lives.

  3. Lu everyday I read your blogs and tear up! It’s amazing what the Lord shows u and I’m so thankful you share it. Your blogs Are like a book I can’t put down and I truely think at the end of your journey ( if it ends ) you should turn your blogs into a book.

      • I think these blogs would be a great start… Could be exactly like them word for word bc they are so inspiring and I even love the nAme. I would buy it in a heartbeat … You have the gift of words

      • Thanks Jen. I love to write but most of the time it’s ramblings of my heart which I guess works. Thanks for letting me know you are enjoying them.

  4. Lou, I love this! Just beautiful and speaks so much to my heart. For most of my life God as said the words tone over and over trust me so this captured that more beautifully then I could ever explain. Thanks for sharing your heart

    • Tiff….first off can I just say how much I miss you! Lifes been a little nuts the last few weeks. Count me in for this Monday. We need to get together again. Thank you for your encouraging words!!!! They really mean alot!!!!

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