Hey, Can You Hear Me?

I love listening to music, I always have.  As I have gotten older more than that I love listening to the lyrics.  Some songs make me happy, some make me wanna shake what my momma gave me and other songs penetrate deep.  I fell in love with Jesus driving in Seattle traffic.  Ask Austin and Annie, they were slightly afraid, as I was attempting to drive and bawling my eyes out.  It was a sight to behold believe me (I will tell you that story some other time).  Today I was listening to a song while I was trying to blog, but the writing just wasn’t happening.  And then this song came on by a band called Jonah 33.  After listening to the song I went to go find the lyrics, as is customary when I hear words that really touch my heart.  I learned that this song was written about a father that had passed away, but as we do sometimes I heard something different in the lyrics.

“Hey can you hear me
I need you to know
That if it’s all right with you
I just need to let go”

I have wondered the same thing so many times…Lord can you hear me?  I’m pretty much a mess and I just need to let go!!!  Here’s the great thing, the Lord ALWAYS hears us and what’s even better than that is that He already knows that I need to let go.  He is merely waiting for me to trust Him enough to do so.  Too many times I feel like what I’m feeling is silly, small or even down right stupid.  Great news, He’s the God of the Universe and nothing is stupid.  No problem, fear or tear is too silly, small or stupid.  He already knows what each and every one of those things are.  He is just waiting patiently for me to trust Him with my heart.

He’s waiting, He’s been waiting, and He will continue waiting for us to call upon Him.  He may even be knocking on your heart.  He won’t knock forever.  So come to the Father with biggest and smallest places of your heart, He hears you and He already knows.  He’s already got an answer, and I will tell you what…His answer is ALWAYS better than mine.

Can you relate with those lyrics?  Do you wait until it’s all crumbling around you before you go to the Lord in prayer?  Do you seek the Lord in the simple stuff in life?


One thought on “Hey, Can You Hear Me?

  1. I love the part about He always hears you. I was reading in Daniel 10: 11-12 (I am pretty sure) where Daniel was talking to the angel Gabriel in a vision and angel said to him ‘from the very first moment that you set your mind and hear towards God, He heard you.’ That totally made me cry. I think of all the times in our lives where we wonder if anyone ever really listens to us or hears what we are saying. But from THE VERY FIRST moment that you even THOUGHT about God….He has been listening to you ever since then. I can only imagine the joy in His heart every time you turn your thoughts, your mind, your heart, your music, your pen, your markers or your keyboard to Him. My guess is He leaps with joy when you show up! He has been waiting…and you are totally worth the wait!!

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