Did I Miss Him Again….

The whispers from the corner…

The chuckling coming from inside the closet…

The foot so visibly seen behind the curtain…

Yes, the typical game of hide and seek with a child.  They hide and so easily can we find them.  They are just so dang cute and excited that they can hardly stand it.  They are fidgety and giggly and it gives them away every time.   I just find it to heartbreakingly adorable when you do hide them and they are so excited, and yet a little bit bummed.  They thought they had the most amazing hiding spot on the planet.

Do you ever feel like your relationship with the Lord is like a game of hide and go seek?  But rather than it being with a hyper little child it’s with the Almighty God.  This seems quite daunting, for goodness sake He created the universe.  He knows all the hiding spots.  But, guess what???  He isn’t hiding.  He’s never been hiding.  Our game with the Lord doesn’t look like hide and seek.  It’s more like seek and find.

God doesn’t hide from us.  He does ask that we seek Him and when we do, WE FIND HIM….true story guys!!!

I have had so many encounters with the Lord the last few months and most of them have rocked my world.  Most of them have overwhelmed me in ways I never knew possible.  Most of them have left me feeling more loved that I ever thought was possible.  But, as I look back on my life there were so many other times that the Lord was showing Himself to me.  So many times where I found it to be coincidence.  So many times where no matter how hard He tried, I still chose to do it my way.  And my way was the right way, the best way and it was the reason for the amazing outcome….EEEENNNNNNNKK WRONG!!!  (That’s how I feel a buzzer sound would be spelled.  Any other’s spellings would be accepted.)

God shows up in our lives daily.  He is constantly showing Himself to us, hoping that we will choose Him.  That we will choose to take that step towards Him and desire more than just a distant relationship, in which we call upon Him in the tough times.  Man I wish I could shout from the top of a mountain and tell the world that it can be more than that.  God is so much more than this almighty creator.  He is a father, a husband, a friend.  He is all we ever will need.

He desires intimacy with us.  He desires for us to open up the deepest places of our hearts.  He’s trying to get YOUR attention!!!!  The encounter doesn’t have to be filled with grandeur.  It can be simple.  It can be that still small voice.  It can be the beauty of a child.  It can be as complicatedly simple as the human body.  It can be a flood of tears when a song plays.  Be aware, pay attention…when you seek Him you will find Him.

It’s not a game of hide and seek, He wants your heart.  He wants you to acknowledge Him.  Look for Him in the chaos, look for Him in the silence.  LOOK, LOOK, LOOK!!!  He will show up!  Oh man and when He does, watch out because your life will never be the same!!!!

What are the simple places in which you have seen God?  When have you experienced God when you KNEW that is was Him?  Now that you ponder these questions where have you seen Him but never acknowledged it was the Father trying to get your attention.



4 thoughts on “Did I Miss Him Again….

  1. Such an interesting look Lu And an eye opener .. Sometimes the dumbeSt Things mak me cry and I wonder .. but never thought of that as an explination. I’ve seen God enter into my life a handful of times when I really did know and it was always life changing —

    • Jen,

      It’s interesting to stop and really look at every time it was God. Because as a matter of fact, it usually is God. We are so wrapped up in self that we miss it!!! Then we want to ask God where He is…”I’ve been here all along” It’s just a great reminder.

  2. I came across your blog off your gym’s website and I wouldn’t normally comment, especially since I haven’t met you, but just the few entries I read, sounded like God is doing amazing things in your life and it’s super encouraging for me to read– thanks for sharing! -j.temple

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