He Whispers in My Ear…

Tonight is going to be short and sweet as I’m falling asleep in my own face as I type this….yes you heard me correctly, “falling asleep in my own face.”  A phrase I picked up along the road of friendship with Annie…it’s now one of my favorite lines.  But it’s true…I’m super tired so if there are a lot of errors…sorry!  Well there actually usually is a lot of errors.  I never proofread and I don’t really know where to use a comma.  So let’s just throw this out there…if anyone that reads this regularly is a great editor I will give you my password and every time I post you can come in and fix all my mistakes after I have posted….hahahaha!!!!  I have a tendency to put a comma anywhere I see fit….a pause?  In my world, yes!  Ok, well maybe this won’t be short.

After yesterdays post about finding God I began to think about the times in which I don’t hear His voice or see Him showing up as often as usual.  I then began thinking about the distance that sin puts between our hearts and the Lord’s.  We need to make repentance a habit.  It’s something we do daily.  For when we sin we are separated from God.  Well as that snowball keeps getting bigger and bigger the distance is farther and farther.  I can tell you what…when I started making repentance a habit, that’s the day the voice that whispered got a little bit louder.

The Lord knows our sin, but He desires us to be naked and open, vulnerable and honest!  He knows those places, He already sees them.  He needs for us to honor Him by going before Him in humble repentance….close the gap and expect to hear His voice!!!



One thought on “He Whispers in My Ear…

  1. No need to edit, good to read just the way it is. Enjoying hearing and seeing your thoughts. As what you type is visual and truely from the HEART.

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