The Year 29…

Tomorrow will be a really big day for me….

Huge actually…it all changed!!!

The word was given to me from my friend Annie Jo Hoffmeier on my birthday.  An insight on the year 29 for me and the things God was going to do in my life this year.

Unfolding Diamonds

“Lu my girl!  Happy Birthday.  I love you so much.  Don’t ever forget that.  You are mine alone.  This year will and is going to look so different than the last 28.  I’m doing a new thing.  I’m unveiling a wealth of beauty that you didn’t know existed in you.  But I knew it existed, all along I knew.  You’ve wrestled and fought, struggled and kicked, you’ve worked out so much with fear and trembling.  There will be hard days ahead, but you will waltz through them with grace and strength.  Are you ready for this journey called 29?  It will taste sweet I promise.  I want you to know that I call you daughter-your life is mine alone.  There are many that have called you “daughter” but you have always belonged to me.  I signed that document, you are my beloved.  And this year, you will begin to walk in that understanding.  You shall fully own that truth.  You are my daughter and I am jealous for your heart.  You have to trust that I am yours and you are mine.  Will you trust me with your family?  Will you trust me with your gym?  Will you trust me with your dreams? Lucianne, the beauty that I’m about to show you will compete with nothing this side of heaven.  It’s what you have always longed for…Be prepared.  New things.”  I love you, Jesus

Oh and what 29 has looked like….all things in this paper have begun to pass.  I received this December 13th of this year….wow what has happened since then, but tomorrow will reveal where it all started.



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