Starts a Little Scandalous

Would you mind if I touched you? I mean, really touched you…I mean touch you where it matters…heart, soul and spirit your inner woman. The part of you that you hide that is sacred? Would you let me build an altar there, where we can worship together, as one- transparent and unashamed? And would you mind if I looked at you? I mean really looked at you…Past the you that you so carefully groomed for me to see? Past the tough exterior, deep within your heart where it’s soft, warm and vulnerable? Would you let me fill you with reassurances until I felt your defenses yield in the palm of my hand and respond to my invitation to love? And then I’d love to hear you, I mean really hear you. So…would you mind if I eavesdropped on your thoughts if I overheard your daydreams and made them come true? Then would you mind if I tasted you? I mean really tasted you…The bitterness of you…The sweetness of you…All the flavors of you that make you so rare…and unforgettable…I’d love to savor your love like a rich dessert…All that would be left is the scent of you…By the way would you mind if I breathed in your essence? Your life? I’d promise I’d return it and treasure the memory of living through your senses. For then I would totally know you…and know how to love you in return.
Did you melt when you read that?  I know I did!!!  Oh man how I longed for a gentleman to come along and speak those words to me…I’m a hopeless romantic, what can I say.  I found this in a Christian book about a year ago.  I so desired for the man that God had for me to have a heart that functioned like that.
So fast forward about a year, I was digging through my phone last night looking for something, I came across this.  I was at a girls night last night and read it out loud to two of my friends…the oooo’s and the awww’s and then Lauren said, “Lu that’s totally what God has been for you”.  Oh my gosh it is!!!  I hadn’t even thought about it.  I was only focusing on the “man”.
I began to think more and more about it.  We as women so desire to be wholly loved for who we are.  We desire to know that we are beautiful just as we are.  We desire to be pursued, to be heard, to be seen…like really really seen.  There’s good news and bad news here.  Which would you like first????
Ok so here’s the bad news, we are finite and fallen, we are all imperfect….yeah I know hard to believe right?  So will be the man we are either waiting for or we already have.  They cannot be everything.  They cannot listen to our thoughts or look in on our daydreams.  They cannot love us perfectly….now for the good news!!!  The great thing is, God can.  He can so perfectly pursue, see, hear and love us.  He wants us to let Him in to all of those places.  Man or woman, He wants to love us in this way.  It’s romantic and super dreamy right?!?!
There’s a large problem that arises….we rarely let the Lord into those places.  But, when we do He can fully romance us, fully know us.  He already knows, but He desires us to allow Him in.  He’s a gentleman and He will never force Himself in….we must invite!!!  I can tell you first hand when you do…WATCH OUT!!!  He will sweep you right off your feet, His arms are big and strong, His heart is perfect.
Who doesn’t desire to be loved perfectly????  I know I do, I know now, that I can be.
I’m going to tell you a little baby piece of my story that changed a lot of things for me.  I won’t go into too much detail I have already rambled a bit!!!
I fell in love with Jesus while driving in Seattle traffic….just ask Annie or Austin…I was blindsided by a different kind of love!!!  An intimate place!!!  I will save that for another time….
I had always thought that the Lord had not yet given me a long committed relationship or my husband because He was saving me from more heartache.  I thought He would send me “him” when i was more ready.  Well that is partially true.  I was not ready.  I still question whether or not I am.  But, here’s what I was getting at.  One morning I was getting ready for work and that still small voice spoke something into my heart that changed everything and it ALL made sense….
“I have not given you your husband yet Lucianne, not because of who you are or who you are not, I was waiting for you to fall in love with me first.”
God had been pursuing my heart for the last 29 years and just like a gentleman He never forced His way.  He opened my eyes many times, but I never turned and saw Him in that way…you know the head over heels in love way….He had been waiting for me.  He waited that long.  It still rocks my world thinking about that.  He loved me that much to wait that long for me.  I now look at my life and the state of my heart and if I was never given over to a man I would be satisfied….for God loves me perfectly.  Don’t hear me incorrectly I DESIRE A MAN FOR SURE!!!!  I just know that God’s love is fully enough for me.
I would encourage you to seek Him and find Him in this way for He desires to love you perfectly, to hear you perfectly, to see you perfectly, to fight for you perfectly, to pursue you perfectly…He just happens to be a PERFECT gentleman.  Don’t wait any longer, turn around and really really look and see His heart…You won’t ever be the same!!!

6 thoughts on “Starts a Little Scandalous

  1. I was exactly were you are in life……. knowing in my heart that God put me on this earth to be a wife & mother, yet not even coming close to finding the man I had been praying for since I was 15. Becoming frustrated with my place at that moment, I had a little heart to heart with the Lord, and I gotta say I was a little angry with Him. I heard God speak more clearly than ever before telling me “I will allow you to find that person when you first fall in love with ME. Through that you will learn to truly love.” I later turned on my car and the song “Love Song For The Savior” by Jars of Clay was playing. Completely broken, I fell in Love with Him, the Creator of Love.

  2. Truely blessed and saved by GOD’s grace by faith alone. The Lord prepared me for things to come and a purpose. I wear my heart on my sleeve, as I was told at lunch on Friday, I am seen as a man’s man and people want to be around and share with the like. Open and honest and you know what you are getting when you meet me. I am grateful for the person that invited me to a worship service almost over three years ago now. My heart opened up and found a happiness with the Lord that had been missing for many years. Having a relationship and love with the Lord is a calming feeling. I enjoy reading your thoughts, thanks for sharing!!!!!

  3. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts! What a great reminder that the Lord can be enough for me. I can so easily get frustrated with my husband, but need to remember that he isn’t perfect, and neither am I and my husband can’t read my mind. I desire for the Lord to continue to fill my heart with His love so that I can then give this love to others and be completely satisfied in Him instead of searching for more in the world.

  4. Wow! Lu, really, WOW! I absolutely love this, it brought tears to my eyes when I read it. Beautiful! My husband and I learned some of these lessons together several years ago and it did transforming, wonderful things for our marriage. Do yourself a favor… listen to the song “Daughters of Jerusalem” by David Brymer. Talk about intimate worship! I’m willing to bet this song will touch your heart the way it did mine. Blessings, lady! You are amazing!

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