Broken Bones

“No wonder my heart is glad, and I rejoice. My body rests in safety!”
Psalm 16:9

As we are driving down the road Annie says to me, “How lame is it that sheep singular and plural is the same word….sheep.” And as her mind is so clever she says let’s make up a new word (she has the tendency to either want to make up new words or bring back old ones…we have been trying to bring back the word “golly”) I digress….where was I? Oh yeah she decided that we should make a word for sheep plural, “Let’s call them Shope” So the next time you see us just holler out, “Golly did you see all the shope today?” I just love her….Anyways

You are probably wondering how in the world that subject emerged. Well for one it made me laugh when I started talking about sheep so I decided to share. But, on another note I found these pictures of my car accident awhile back and I knew that an opportunity would emerge to write about the experience…sorta.

So as you can see in the pictures the accident was BAD….BAD to the point that I should actually not be alive today. BAD to the point that only by the grace of God I am able to type….it was BAD!!!

In the destruction of my vehicle 2 broken arms and 3 metal plates were all that needed to be fixed. I was the girl that only broke her arms in a wreck like that. I knew, that I knew, that I knew, the Lord had way more in store from my life.

So back to the sheep thing…back to the whole point of this post….geez can you tell I’m a tad bit scatter brained???

It was brought to my attention that when a shepherd would wander or stray in a way that was destructive to their lives and the lives of the flock the shepherd would respond. He would respond by breaking the leg of the sheep. He would not then bandage it up and allow the sheep to go back out to it’s ways. No he would carry the sheep around on his shoulders until the sheep was healed.

This would do a few things for the sheep. The sheep would be carried by it’s master and it would learn to hear his voice. The sheep would know it’s master like never before. Now, when the sheep was ready to walk on it’s own again it would stay so close to the master, never leaving his side.

The Lord does the same thing with us. He can break our bones so that He might carry us, that we might know His voice, that we might trust Him and follow Him as never before.

So funny thing, I have had more broken bones in my life than I care to admit…ok well since I’m sure you’re wondering how many five broken arms and one broken ankle that I’m aware of. Although I went to get an x-ray once and they asked me when I broke my fibula…well to my knowledge I never had, but the x-rays showed different. So I guess you could say two broken legs….ok geez, again I digress.

The thing that was different about my car accident was that I knew that God had something great in store for my life. He wanted my life to be more, He desired me to be more. I have always known from that day….The problem was that after I was all healed I decided to walk away from the voice of the Lord, to do it on my own, to walk back down the path of destruction. His voice was imbedded in my heart and now I have found my way back to my Master. I have been broken, I have wrestled, I have fought, but I hear my Master’s voice. And I will never choose to leave His side again.



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