Follow Where HE May Lead

Sometimes I gotta say it just doesn’t make sense……Lord what the heck was that all about? Wait you want me to do what? But Lord I’m really busy….can’t you see that?

I find so many times I want to really ask the Lord if He’s for real…..and not like real, but you really want me to say this? Do that?

Here’s the brilliant thing about it all….we don’t actually have to do it! God has so graciously bestowed free will upon us….and free will is why our world is in shambles….Ok, that’s beside the point…sort of….maybe another blog post. Hearing the Lord and acting upon it is obedience. Not acting upon it when we are ready, or when it’s convenient, acting when He calls. For delayed obedience is disobedience! WHAT!!!!!!! Yep, delayed is disobedience. All you parents out there know and understand this. You ask your child to pick up their room, it doesn’t happen when you ask….disobedience…they do it 3 days later, when it’s convenient (ask my momma about that, I was infamous)

I’m just gonna preface the rest of this blog with the fact that I began typing this two days ago…I typed a whole bunch more, but it was the first day with my new Ipad and I didn’t save properly so my typing was not saved. So now I have a half typed blog which is no longer a blog post in my head for I had already written it. Hahahaha. So I will finish this one and begin to type the next one!!!

So delayed obedience we have stated is disobedience. The Lord brings people and things into our lives at the right time….not usually our time, but, His time. And His time is perfect. When He asks of us, He is looking for obedience in that time, not when it’s convenient.

I have found it way easier to be obedient when I keep close proximity of my heart to the heart of God; to choose to walk in His will instead of mine. That’s a hard one Lu!!! I know guys, you want to know why it’s hard? Because, our obedience usually calls for some sort of sacrifice on our part. Sacrifice can look many different a ways. This week alone (hopefully no one in which was a part of any of these events is offended) the Lord called me to take the time I had set aside in a coffee shop to chill alone with my journal, He asked me to have conversations with the people that were in the coffee shop that I knew. To take time and spend some quality time with some of the people who I don’t usually spend a lot of time with. It’s Thursday and 4 times with week it’s happened. I was so glad afterwards because they had totally blessed my day, but at first I was a little irritated because I wanted “my” time. Another sacrifice was the giving away of a Bible that meant a lot to me, but, there was another that needed it more than I did. Those are just a few things. Sometimes our sacrifice will look great and sometimes it will be small. The fact is that we act when He calls.

His voice is what we should, hear and obey. To be able to do this we may need to be broken and to be carried by our shepherd. He wants the best for us. I know guys, what you want isn’t the best for you. Hard to believe I know.

So trust in His desires for you, trust His voice. Trust and be obedient.


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