So Many Questions, Only One Answer

52 days…..

Yep that’s the count!

I’m excited, I’m nervous, I’m anxious…..I just want to go!

I have no idea what to expect….NO IDEA!

I will take one suitcase and the bag on my back. That will be all I possess in the world. Crazy to think about.

The questions I have are many…

Will I still have friends at home when I return?

Will The Den still be up and running?

Will I choose to run the gym?

Will I come home?

Will I meet my husband?

Will I be changed?

Will I make new friends?

Will I be accepted?

Who will they see me as?

Who will I leave as?

Will the Lord come back when I’m away?

So many questions but the answer to all of them is…..drumroll please…..Jesus!

Trust in the Lord. He’s already got it all taken care of, all planned out, all done! That’s such great news. So, what do I do now?

Walk in the will of the Lord.



One thought on “So Many Questions, Only One Answer

  1. The journey will be an interesting one. Jesus knows the plan. Looking forward to reading what you choose to share about your journey.

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