My Life in a Bag

I’m packing for Kona…it’s a crazy, frightening, uber exciting thought!!!!  Yep uber…had to use the word, it’s been awhile.  Not sure the exact definition but it means a lot.  I think…well in my vocabulary it does!!!

Tomorrow is Thursday, I will be leaving the following Thursday…are you kidding me?  I remember when my day count was at 160 something….it seemed the day would never come.  Well it’s coming….like a dang freight train it’s coming.

I have a feeling the next week I will consume more coffee that should be safe for one human….but hey who doesn’t like to visit over a cup of coffee!!!  I know I do.  I had two coffee dates today, I have 3 for tomorrow and who knows  what the next week will bring.  I’m trying to get all organized now so I can spend more time drinking coffee!!!

It hit me today as I walked out of the gym for the last time as the boss how much I will truly miss that place.  I had three clients cry this morning as they said goodbye to me.  Their words were so precious and truly penetrated my heart!!!!

I think that it’s good sometimes that we don’t comprehend the impact we may have on the lives around us.  I think it keeps us humble.  “The gym won’t be the same without you.”  Well of course it is.  I’m just a young woman who followed her dream, now has people standing beside her that will her shoes just perfectly.  The Lord has perfectly ordained them for such a time as this.  So of course it will be the same.  They might just not get nagged on their form as much….I’m sort of a perfectionist.  It was so hard to walk out those doors but so freeing for I know that I am being obedient in what has God has called me to.  The Lord asks for our sacrifice to cost us something.  It’s scary, it’s hard but I know that I know that I know it will be soooooooo worth it!!!!

So the bags are beginning to be packed and as my heart is being packed to head into a new season I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store!!!

PS…for all of you that know that I will be disconnecting myself from the gym that does not mean in anyway that I do not want to hear from you, send cards, send care packages, send your love, it’s important to me!!!


9 thoughts on “My Life in a Bag

  1. The gym will NOT be the same without you. You add so much to that place, but we’ll be ok. Thanks for taking the time to have coffee withe today! I’m gonna really miss that!

  2. Hi Sweets! So proud of all of your accomplishments and your commitment to follow your heart, your God and your dreams…not many of us can say that! Please send me your mailing address when you get settled in Kona. I look forward to following your travels, discoveries and best of all your walk with God. I love you.

  3. Hey Lu,

    I know leaving today was hard, but I am SO excited for all that you are about to encounter. Be sure to send me your new address in Kona. I am ‘uber’ excited to hear all about your experiences 🙂 Love ya!

  4. Hi Lu,
    i’m so sorry i didn’t make it to your going away party tonight. i had to work late. i think i would have just cried the whole time though. i’ve only known you a short time and you have made such a powerful impact on my heart and my life. i thank you deeply and sincerely. so many will be blessed by their experiences with you in the journey to come. i pray your heart is a full as you give to so many others.

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