A Beautiful Send Off

I will never be the same....the last photo

I type as I sit in Sea-Tac airport for the final flight…

The day has arrived…

The goodbyes were said…

Long hugs shared, along with plenty of tears…

Kona bound.

Everyone has been asking me if I’m excited…now I am.  The saying goodbye part was seemingly dreadful.  It came and it went.  I cried for a long time on the plane.  The guy next to me must have thought I was a little bit nuts…well actually he didn’t after we chatted realizing we had gone to high school together and he knew where I was going.  It all made a little bit more sense.  I wasn’t a nut case crying because she was boarding a plane to Seattle.

I knew the goodbyes would be hard, but not that hard.  I had some very special people come and meet me to say goodbye.  Wow how loved I felt.  Thank you Momma, Richie, Sister, Zach, Annie, Lisa, Kitty, Cara, MoJo, Darian, and Laura…oh and I can’t forget Nicholas who called while I was in line to board my plane and I got to wave at him as he stood outside security!!!!  If I forgot someone I apologize.  I love you guys!!!

I see this revolving door that I will soon walk through, as I walk towards it God reminds me that I will walk in as the woman everyone sees me as.  Who they say I am, and as I walk through the door and around to my exit, I will emerge as the woman God has called me to be.

Let me tell you it’s exciting but a little scary.  Not scared of who she might be, just scared of the unknown.  I’m excited to plant my feet on the soil or grounds that will rock my world and leave me never to be the same!!!!

There have been many diamonds unfolded but I know, that I know, that I know there’s more to come.

So the woman that has emerged who now holds the diamonds of vulnerability, grace, love, strength, consistency, freedom, forgiveness, patience, joy, peace, surrender, boldness, adventure, laughter, mercy, commitment, compassion, purity, voice, gratefulness, understanding, accessibility, transparency, balance, listening, safety, prayer, kindness, faith, longing, tenderness and rest…I choose to walk in all of these things.  Not because I have to, but because I choose to!!!

To the woman I will become in these 6 months….oh boy I just can’t wait.

Join me in this journey!!!!!

To the tears shed, the coffee dates had, the goodbye said….HELLO KONA!!!!


4 thoughts on “A Beautiful Send Off

  1. I was reading my daily devotions today at the house as I was waiting to hear that your plane had taken off. It was about Sarah and Abraham having been given new names that matched their purpose that God gave them. It really reminded me of the importance of names.
    Since I was not a Christian when we named you it was definitely God-directed. He already knew His plans for you. It was to start with me. The moment you were born and I looked at you and said “there is a God and I am going to find Him because I know I did not make this baby” your purpose began. I was the first person you would lead to the Lord. Granted…it was a fairly unconventional way on your part….but I was your first! And because of that Dominic and Ellie and Rich got saved to. And from there, many others.
    I knew the meaning of your name, The Bringer of Light, when I named you that. I just didn’t know who the Light was at that moment. So you see….you are totally walking in an fulfilling God’s purpose. You are now on your way out to the world to Bring Light to others outside of Medford too.
    You are specially equipped to do this job. You were born to do this job…just ask me. You go for it Sister! So when it gets hard, remember it is your destiny. When you get tired, remember it is your purpose. When you get lonely, remember He called you to this from the moment you were born. We don’t know how long this season of your life will last but we do know that it is the spring before the summer. It is when things will start to blossom and flowers will open and you will have a fragrance that only speaks of new life and birth!
    I love you with all of my heart. Let the change begin!!
    your momma.

  2. Oh Lu,
    How I love this post and how I hate goodbyes.

    I am so appreciative of how we have grown as friends, our long talks and how close we have become in a really short amount of time. Like I keep saying, sad to see you go, but very excited for your journey to begin and who you will become because of it.

    Thank you for bringing me closer to God again….I know he missed me 🙂

    Looking forward to your return & to continue our friendship. Love you Lucianne!
    Missing-you-already-Motown! (Ha! I can do it too!)

  3. Dear Lu.
    May Gods grace surround and guide you each and every day on your grand new path.
    You are awesome!
    You are in my thoughts and prayers!
    Love Rachel

  4. Thanks for the post! Great to hear you process through so much good stuff. I can’t wait to hear how it all unfolds. Know that you are beloved by the Dunkin crew and we are thinking of you and with you. Thanks for all the attention and affirmation over these last few years. You are a sister, truly.

    May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord’s face shine upon you and be gracious to you. May the Lord’s face turn toward you and give you peace.

    Don’t forget to eat your apples!

    Love you so much,
    Cor and fam

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