4 thoughts on “SOOOO GOOOOOD!!!!!

  1. Lu, super encouraged by all that God is doing. Totally took me back to when I was in DTS, great reminders of the things I learned. Continue to dive in and just be recklessly abandoned to whatever the Holy Spirit has for you. You are going to continue to learn so much. Just take one day at a time and dont feel like you have to process everything right away. Let it resonate and work itself out in your life. It can be overwhelming but overwhelmingly great.

  2. Hey girlie! so excited for you! here I am watching your blog when I should be dressed and going to the den! miss you and so happy for you. In your prayers would you pray that us here could hear Him! Day to Day stuff can so get in the way but with Him it can happen! Keep them coming.

  3. Thanks for sharing your adventure with the Lord with us. GOD be with you. HE is an awesome GOD and full of forgiving GRACE. In pray with you.

  4. So true Jenny the everyday craziness of life can totally get in the way but God is so faithful to meet us where we are at. Lu his video makes me miss you more! You are a beautiful lady!!!!

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