You Don’t Want to Miss this One!


2 thoughts on “You Don’t Want to Miss this One!

  1. Greeting’s fellow follower of Jesus,
    A couple months ago I was at Matt’s Thursday night bible study at church, and saw you get up and speak of your coming journey. I remember thinking “Hey, I went to High School with her.” You probably don’t remember me, but I remember passing you in the halls. I wasn’t living right back then, but I am now:)!! Anyway, I was on facebook last week just browsing around. I don’t even remember what “friend” I was on, but I looked over to their friend list and saw you. Immediatly I remembered about seeing you at church, and wondered if your journey had started. I clicked on your name which led me to your blog. I’ve just recently got back in the swing of things with the Lord. My husband of 5 years was saved over the summer!! Praise the Lord! Since then, he has truly become the leader of our family. I’ve kinda struggled with being thrown back into it. Not that I don’t want to, because I do!! He’s got that, just found the Lord on fire feeling and I’m struggling to find mine again. I’m getting there, just slower than I want to. I tell you these things because when I listened to your video blogs, and you describe the revalation’s about you, I feel like were on the same boat. What is it that HE want’s me to do? or be? or realize? I know that I didn’t see you at church, then come across you on FB which led me to this blog by accident. The Lord is at work!! I believe He’s speaking to me through you, so I will continue to check your blog. May God bless you on your journey, and I look forward to following it as I embark on my own.

    In His Grip,
    Alyssa Jensen (Sciapiti) <

    • Alyssa-

      Wow!!!! Thank you so much for that story!!!! That’s so amazing. So glad I am not Casting my pearls in a desolate place! You should request me ok FB. I saw a whole bunch of girls with your name. Pretty sure I know who you are but not totally sure. Thanks for your encouragement!!!! Keep seeking!

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