An understanding was found.

An understanding that would change everything.

An understanding that there was more to this life.

Before I left so many people would say to me, “I hope you find what you are looking for.”  That seemed really odd to me…”I’m not looking for anything, I already found it.”

I have to say that at the age of 30 I have done a lot of things in this life…I mean I don’t have a husband or any babies, YET…but I have done a lot of things.  They were all things I was supposed to do in life…you know…go to college, get an education, get a job, start a career, and then make money, create a good reputation…You know?

My journey to Kona began when I found Jesus in a new way.  A way that I wanted more, I wanted to see what more He had for me.  That’s why I came here, I had found it before I came here.  I have been so floored by what more I have found.  It’s been so amazing here.

I feel like a new woman…rested, and taking in all God’s got for me.  I have found an identity in Christ, not in superficial things, success, money, cars, etc.  Just being a daughter of the King.  Man I gotta tell you it’s pretty freeing.

The people that are here are so great…all walks, all ages, all races, but all with a desire to love as Christ loves the church.  There are some people with some crazy stories.  Lives that have been radically transformed, drugs, alcohol, and anything else you can think of…all redeemed!!!

I was so worried about being the oldest one here.  I am one of the oldest but it doesn’t matter here.  I have met several ladies that are right around my age with stories so similar to mine.  And all the ones younger than I am keep me on my toes and feeling extra young.  We must become childlike to enter into the Kingdom…so I’d say I’m doing well.  I have work duty in which 7 other girls and I clean our classroom, the bathrooms, the laundry room, do the dishes, and pull weeds.  We do it from 3-5pm everyday and it’s so fun.  They are such a great group of girls.  They are like a bunch of little sisters.  They totally make my day and we have tons of fun…yep, fun doing dishes and weeding.

Last week we got to hear Loren and Darlene Cunningham (YWAM Founders) speak.  This is YWAM’s 51st year in existence….Loren has been to every country in the world…so crazy!!!!  They imparted on us some seriously amazing teaching.  They are some crazy wise people who have seriously impacted the world of missions.  There are over 20,000 missionaries in the world with YWAM.  There is a call to see some 200,000 in their lifetime.

We are doing a week with Brian and Christie Brennt this week.  They are speaking on Freedom.  Loosing the chains of past hurts, wounds, generational stuff, etc.  Renewing of the heart and the mind.  WOOHOO!!!!

I miss you guys.  I’m really sorry I haven’t kept in better contact with everyone.  I’m so busy here we don’t have a lot of downtime.  If you have Skype let me know.  Or give me a call.  I am usually free from 2-3pm your time or before 11am your time, and then usually around 10 or 11pm your time.  Shoot me a little video or a text.  I would love to hear from you all.  I could use all the love and support I can get,  I love getting letters or packages…it’s so crazy exciting.  Keep our outreach team in your prayers.  We will be heading to Cambodia March 30th ish-June 12th.


Katie from Arkansas

7 thoughts on “Found…

  1. Love reading the blog! Thanks for the updates lulu. Love you tons and glad to hear you are doing well. I will work on putting skype on my computer so we can chat!

      • Going amazing! Had a huge breakthrough this week. On your last vblog you were talking about how the enemy feeds you lies to keep you from doing your best work for Christ. Through fear, anxiety, etc.. Lie: “You can’t do this, that’s why your scared.” Truth: “You can do ANYTHING with Christ.” My biggest anxiety and fear WAS praying outloud in front of people. Even my husband. I opened up to my husband about this, and we prayed about it. We both pray throughout the day, but we have commited to pray outloud with eachother every night before bed! This has been huge for me. He has truly taken the anxiety away! I’m so excited to see what might come with this lie being extinguished from my prayer life!! Thank you for caring to know. I don’t have many people to talk to, that walk with the Lord. Maybe shyness is the next thing to work on? Keep on casting your pearls…


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