I’m sitting here pondering what to even type.  Type, type, type….erase.  There is so much to say…things that are erupting out of my heart….a bubbling spring about to overflow….yet typing just wouldn’t do any of it justice.  So I will keep it simple and just write and say I am understanding the fullness of what God looks like.

He is so not the God in a box I had Him in.  He’s not safe….He’s crazy dangerous.  But such an amazing kind of dangerous.  A sort of dangerous, that ferociously loves me!!!  Like…crazy, madly, deeply loves me and it pursuing my heart.  And you know what?  He won’t give up until He’s got it.  I don’t want Him too.  I’m ready for the fullness.  I’m ready for all He has for me.

We spent the last week with Brian Brennt, he might be the funniest most powerful man I have ever heard speak.  He has a way about him that he can make you laugh while convicting your heart to it’s very core.  We spent the week getting free.  Free from it all!!!  All the insecurities, all the fear, all the shame, all the guilt, all the everything.  We did some cleaning out of the heart.  Oh man and when we get all the strongholds out and we come before the Lord with our stuff and repent…there is then all of these open places for the Holy Spirit to fill….oh and man He swoops right in.

We literally watched people leave the room changed…it was crazy.  Years of bondage who are now walking with a foundation that God is who He says He is.  He loves them beyond comprehension, the Holy Spirit is crazy available and then FREEDOM!!!!  The skeletons are out of the closet and it’s so nice to walk without shame, guilt, condemnation and just carrying such dumb stuff.  The enemy feeds us so many lies and we choose to believe them and they then begin to shape our lives….Nope…not anymore.  TRUTH is what I choose!!!!

So anyways I’m a free girl who’s got Christ inside like I never knew possible.  I never knew life could look as it does….NEVER!!!  Redemption is a crazy crazy gift that is so incredibly available.



One thought on “FREEDOM!!!!

  1. I love love love hearing what God is doing in you!!! Amazing!! It takes me back to my own days at YWAM and how awesomely God moved! Hold on to each and every word and revelation He is doing in your life. Truly He is making you the woman He wants you to be. The cool thing is, is that He will continue to do that until we see Him face to face! He loves you so much Lu! Thanks for sharing your heart. I know how raw it gets and it’s challenging to put words to it. But I ‘get it’…. love you much!!

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