Messin’ Me Up…Now it’s Your Turn!!!!!

It's a relationship

Practice, practice, practice….

That’s what we tend to hear when we desire to become more skilled in an area of life.  So here’s the crazy thing I have been learning while here….


Yep, you heard me…I become better at hearing His voice when I practice hearing it.  Crazy, right?  I never knew this.  I thought it was just an act of waiting until He spoke.  And if He did I would have been reluctant to hear it.  Or thinking that I missed it.

Here’s the thing guys…we were created to hear the voice of God.  It’s not just in some people and not in others.  We were all given the ears to hear.  This week we have been diving into learning this, learning the ways in which God speaks…which is usually not in a loud audible booming voice…it’s actually quite rare that it happens in this way.  It’s actually usually just still small voice.  We tend to question whether it’s our own.  With more practice you will be so much better at discerning your voice and the Father’s voice.

So here’s what I’m going to do…I’m literally going to lay out the process of hearing the Lord’s voice…I will tell you what hearing His voice will wreck your life and transform your heart in such a beautiful way.  For when we hear His voice we begin to realize how much He loves us.  The understanding of God’s love leads to the revival of the heart and the reformation of lives!!!!

READY?????  I’m just gonna warn you…if you read this, put it into action your life will RADICALLY change!!!!  It’s an amazing gift of relationship, God created the heavens and the earth, humans, and animals.  He’s funny, he’s a little bit silly, he’s a little bit AMAZING…..He’s not who we have put into a box, He’s so much cooler….












How to begin:

When we ask God to speak to us, we must never forget we are standing on holy ground.  we must initiate boldly to prepare the way for Him to speak.  We must allow Him to examine our hearts for anything that offends Him or hinders Him from speaking clearly to us.  Be purposeful and determined to create an atmosphere which best facilitates God’s voice to be heard:

1. CLEAN UP: Confess any known sin in your life and ask God to examine your heart further. Yep, repentance…so much easier than we think it is.  Going before the Lord repenting of all the sin that is separating us from Him…that is what sin is, a separation from God.  This definitely takes humility but we need not carry the burden of our sin.  That’s the whole reason God sent His son Jesus to die on the Cross…His blood is more than enough.  Making a habit of repentance is such a freeing place.  Ask the Lord to search your heart for sin…believe me He’s quite faithful….why’s He so faithful?  Because He loves you and He desires relationship with you!!!!

2. BIND UP: There is authority in Christ.  Use it!!!  Bind up the enemy from your time with the Lord.  Bind up your thoughts and your imagination.  The only thing you want left in your mind and heart is God’s voice. It’s so easy for the enemy to sneak in, for our own thoughts to start running rampant and for our imagination to go and run with the desires of our own thoughts.  So merely ask the Lord to bind up the enemy in the name of Jesus, to shut off your own voice and your own will….that’s what I do.  “Lord shut off my voice and my will, for I want to hear what you have to say.”  Sooooo Good!!!!

3. SPEAK UP: Ask God to speak to you.  Ask Him specific questions.  Beg Him to speak into your dreams and throughout your day. This was so crazy to me…wait I can go and ask the Lord to talk to me?  I thought I just needed to wait for an answer….NOPE!!!  We can totally go seek out His heart.  Just ask Him what His heart feels for you, for others, for the situation.  We always want God’s heart.  And again, in relationship He is desiring us to come to Him.  To come and asking Him His heart.  Go and ask Him and watch what happens.  The coolest thing is just turn on some music with no words (they tend to distract) and literally sit down with a piece of paper and pen and ask Him what He thinks about you.  God is good and always good.  So, if anything is negative or bums you out, it’s not the Lord…plain and simple.  He loves you and is ravished by one glance of your eye.  Song of Solomon 4:9

4. LISTEN UP: Are you ready for God to talk to you?  Listening to God does require faith.  Even if only one word come to your mind in that moment you seek Him, believe it is from the Lord and ask for more.  Remember, it’s takes more faith to hear more.  So start small and watch your ability to hear God’s voice grow. I remember when I first really really started hearing the Lord, it was in my journal.  I would ask Him questions in my journal and I would wait to hear His answer.  Expect Him to show up.  He’s that good.  The process is importance, but I would so encourage you to try.

Let’s make this fun and interactive…after you read this walk through the process and ask the Lord what He’s says about you…post your responses to the blog I would love to hear…I know it will be glorious.  I challenge you to BELIEVE!!!!  I declare the spirit of unbelief to go in the name of Jesus!!!!  He’s so excited and ready for you to come and ask to chat.  He’s been knocking for a long time.  He’s just waiting for you to come and answer the door and invite Him in….Ask Him what He thinks….it will blow your mind.



Thank you to Brian Brennt for all the amazing information that is in italics!!!  You want to hear an amazing man speak look Him up.  He might be the funniest man I have ever met.


6 thoughts on “Messin’ Me Up…Now it’s Your Turn!!!!!

  1. I am glad I sat next to you all those years ago, and met you. Thankyou for opening yourself,your heart and your soul to inspire and teach others. Watch this space. This blog is exactly what I needed to read tonight,
    Hugs and prayers being sent to you from me, Love Rachel

    • Rachel,

      I’m so glad I sat next to you as well. Who knew the battle to fight through FGB would lead us to a day like today? How are you doing? Email me with an update on life, I would love to hear what the Lord is doing in your life. Love Lu

  2. I just came across your blog again last night. This is so great…I’ve been reading something on this subject recently. It’s so beautiful and so amazing. We can have RELATIONSHIP with the Most High? It’s so hard to fathom. Trying to live a Christian life without relationship is like living in a fully wired house and never turning a light on. The Lord has been putting this on my heart lately. Thanks so much for sharing your journey. I feel like you’re a missionary to the saved right now 🙂 …reflecting the beauty of going deeper with God. Staying in the shallows is such a shame and we miss out on so much. I know don’t know you very well, but I am sooooo happy for you. So happy!

    • Jami,

      Thanks for your words of encouragement. The idea of the room with lights is so spot on. What book are you reading? Yeah it’s unbelievable that I lived this long without the Holy Spirit like this. He’s all over me all the time, it’s amazing. I can skip rocks with him if I want. Not because he only wants to skip rocks, but because that’s what I would like to do. I hope you guys are all doing well. Things are amazing. I’m getting ready to leave in 11 days to Cambodia. God Bless,

  3. Sharon loaned it to me! The book is out of print, but I found it on Amazon: “Life’s Ultimate Privilege” by Devern Fromke. I had to buy it so I could give my sister her’s back and have my own so that my kids can read it too! 🙂 It’s one of those that I feel would benefit all believers so much. There is a chapter on the Holy Spirit. Between this post of yours and that book…God has been calling me deeper-I guess He always is, but NOW I hear Him. It is a very sweet place to be. Incredible! =) I’m praying for you as you prepare to leave. I would give anything to one day get to do what you are doing. Enjoy those deep waters Lu! I’ll be looking forward to what God puts on your heart to share about this amazing path you are on. Godspeed. ❤

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