Sandals of Redeemed Destiny

It just sort of hit me like a 2 X 4 upside my head….

He is one of the humblest men you could meet.

He is kind, soft spoken, a husband, a father, a fellow student here.

His name is Chris Lieto.

He just happens to be the #1 triathlete in America and came up just shy of #1 in the world.

So as I have been getting to know more and more people here the question of nutrition and exercise has come up often.  The same question has been asked of Chris as well.  So after a lot of prayer and asking the Lord if stepping into a little bit of my career would be ok.  I was given the go ahead, so a few weeks ago I approached Chris.

Long story short, I will be teaming up with him on Wednesday night for a nutrition forum.  He’s so down to earth that you just forget he’s a professional athlete and has quite the platform.  I was trying to create a little flyer this morning to put on campus just as a reminder and I wanted to actually look him up.  HE’S A BIG DEAL.  The Lord is using him in might ways and I couldn’t be more honored to stand beside him and team up to teach some folks on campus.

I worked out yesterday and taught a little bit…it made my heart come alive a little bit.  It’s just that realization of how the Lord does place the desires of our hearts there for a reason.  I have always been a super intense, all or nothing, doing nothing half-ass, and just a get ‘er done sort of girl.  What I have been learning here is that none of that is bad. It’s who God created me to be.  My perspective has been completely changed and it has been tempered with the Father’s heart.  So in a sense I am very much the same in the true DNA but I have been injected with a new DNA that looks so different.  I have a Kingdom perspective, a perspective that what I do in this life is for the glory of the Lord, it’s an eternal perspective.

So as I was coming here the Lord gave me a word that with it came a picture.  I was walking down a hallway headed towards a revolving door.  The Lord said, “You will walk through the door as the woman everyone thinks you are, and you will come out the other side the woman I have called you to be.”  I’m inside the revolving doors and will continue to be but knowing as I step out the other side I shall be renewed.  I’m learning to walk in my sandals of redeemed destiny.

So as Wednesday night comes I’m excited for all the new things the Lord is placing on my heart to speak about.  It has nothing to do with the practicality of food but it’s more a heavenly, Biblical perspective.  It’s super exciting and totally new, plus I will be standing in front of a group in which I may not know all the faces and will be speaking on a microphone.  I have always just talked loud.  Now there will be a microphone in my mouth….NEW THINGS.

So basically what I’m saying is that I would love some prayer that the Lord would lead my in all He has to say.  I’m also saying that I’m and so excited and honored to stand next to a man of God that just happens to be crazy fit….like really long swim, over a hundred miles on a bike plus a marathon all in a row fit….YIKES!!!!!!  I just want to honor him and his family for being full time students in a school that is very demanding and taxing and he is training on top of that about 5 hours a day….CHRIS, YOU’RE AMAZING!!!!


for some reason I cannot link the websites I apologize.

Loves and Hugs to all!!!!


5 thoughts on “Sandals of Redeemed Destiny

  1. Lu!
    That is AMAZING!! What a fantastic opportunity! Truly God has given you gifts that He still wants you to use and touch people with. Good word, I needed to hear this as I feel change coming in my own life. So wish I could be at yours and Chris’s class!! Will be praying for you!! Love you!!

  2. with you. a prayin’. MISS YOU x a million. thankful for all you are experiencing. thankful for all that you are sharing. So Much Love from your dunkins

  3. Pam and I are praying for you. The revolving door is ever changing. You leave one door and go to another. Always growing spiritually.

  4. SO i was there, and it was awesome 🙂 seriously, it just makes so much sense, taking care of the only body we have. wish there were more sessions! 🙂

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