4 thoughts on “Just Saying Hi!!!!

  1. I love your talking blog as much as I love your writing blog. It is good just to see you, hear you and see your countenance change. Love you my girl!

  2. it’s so,so good to hear from you! I was just thinking tonight about how much I miss you……it sounds like you’re doing great though. I can’t believe Cambodia is so close, what a crazy experience that’s going to be. I can’t wait to hear about it!

  3. Hi honey, love to listen and read your blogs. So happy for you and all that is and has been happening. Our prayers are with you always and i was thiinking of you this morning, as i didnt even hear what was going on, which is weird for me cuz i am such a news freak. So glad you are safe. I love you very much Lu and can only imagine how u feel leaving in 2 weeks into the total unknown. Sorry i havent communicated with you like i should be. Just know you are always in my heart. Love you so very much.

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