“E” for Endurance


“E” for Endurance (patience):

Father, strengthen my spirit with endurance that I may do Your will with zeal and diligence and that I not quit pursuing the deep things of God.  Impart endurance for fasting.  Direct my heart into the endrrance in which Jesus walked.  This is prayer for strength to follow through in my commitments to God and to fulfill my ministry calling when it is difficult.

Being strengthened with all power…may have great endurance and patience…(Col. 1:11)

May the Lord direct your hearts into…the patience (endurance) of Christ. (2 Thes. 3:5)

1. It takes the power of God not to quit.  If you do not quit in your fervent pursuit you win.

It was written, “zeal for they house will consume me (Jesus).” (John 2:17)

Zeal for your house has eaten me (David) up…I wept and chastened my soul with fasting that became my reproach.  I made sackcloth my garment…(Psalm 69:9-11)

2. Lord, give me your zeal as you gave it to Phineas.

Phineas…was zealous with my zeal among them…(Num 25:11)

Consistency for strength.


One thought on ““E” for Endurance

  1. Hey beautiful girl! I can’t believe your only days away from canbodia! Endurance…. Yes we are all in need of that. Thankyou so much for the encouraging word. Endurance and patience seem to be the two things I’m lacking right now. You look great and sound so good… You seem free. I’m praying for the journey that lies ahead of you. Keep me posted on any prayer requests. Love you tons!

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