Frogger….LIVE!!!! Don’t Miss It!!!!!!!!!

Phnom Penh

Here’s the fun part….Crossing the street in Phnom Penh….have a look at the video!!!!

It’s every man for himself.  You go alone, don’t ever follow someone else.  You just gotta go.  There are no lanes here, no rules.  It’s hilarious.  At first it was scary and now it’s seriously so fun.  It actually brings me joy!


This following message was written by Donna Cole our team Momma!!!  She’s a prayer warrior and will be updating how prayers can be prayed for our team.

I hope that you might considering praying for our team while we are in Cambodia.  The first part is some facts about what God is doing around the world.  The second part is the background of Cambodia.  The third part is the prayer requests.  I will not be sending out such a long email after this but I felt it was important for ou to understand the history of the Cambodian people.

Since we’ve arrived at Youth With A Mission,we’ve had the opportunity to hear what is happening in the missions world. We have had main mission leaders tell us what is happening around the world. Here are some facts that I believe will astound you. The main missions organizations of the world have convened over the last 5 years to work together to bring the gospel to every tongue, tribe and nation. They have put aside denominational difference and are working together to get the great commission completed, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel…” Mark 16:15.

Five years ago there were 639 unreached people groups (people who have never heard the gospel once, with populations above 100,000. The rest of the 2,700 groups have less than 100,000 people.). Five years later (today) there are only 210 unreached people groups left. In five years they have reached 429 of these groups! These mission organizations have divided up these remaining unreached people groups among them. These leaders believe that these unreached people will be touched with the gospel easily within 10 years, though most believe it can be done in 5 years (looking at past statistics mentioned earlier). The gospel is going to every corner of the earth. And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come. (Matt. 24:14)

We are doing our part. God is sending our team to Cambodia. We are going to bring the healing message of Jesus Christ to a hurting and wounded people. They desperately need to hear the good news. Many have never even heard the name of Jesus. We are going there to plant churches and disciple the people. We will be based at the YWAM base in Battambang, though we will also be living among the people in their villages.  WILL YOU PLEASE PRAY FOR US.  We will be there for about three months.

The people have a mixture of Buddhism, Hinduism, Animism (animal spirits) and witchcraft. They are unique in the fact that they bring all these beliefs together. They need someone to go and tell them about the true and living God. We have been talking to the missionaries already there and they tell us the fields are ripe and many are giving their lives to Christ.  We are asking you to pray that God will break off the spiritual darkness off the people and  break in with His love. Will you pray for protection over us? Will you pray that our team will not get sick and that we will be divinely lead to the people God wants us to reach?  Will you pray for protection over us?

We will explain to the Cambodian people of a loving God, who is the creator of the universe. He sent His son to die for them. We will tell them that He is not just another god but the one and only true God. Most Cambodians have never heard the gospel even once. We in the western world have had many chances to hear the gospel over and over again.

For those who have no back ground in the culture or history of Cambodia I will try to fill you in. Cambodia was a monarchy up until the last century. France colonized the region but allowed for a King to rule as well. With the fast spread of communism in Asia, Cambodia was looking for an answer to their problems. The rise of communism in Cambodia came after the US attacked a Cambodian city that may have been supplying the Vietnamese troops. Many innocent people were killed. This unfortunate situation opened the door for a radical communist group called

“The Khmer Rouge” to rise to prominence. They slowly took over the countryside and then finally took over Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia, in 1975. The Khmer Rouge evacuated the city and forced all Cambodians to work in prison camps. They began the mass extermination of anyone they viewed as a threat. A “threat” was anyone who was educated in anyway. They killed people even if they looked smart i.e.. If you wore glasses they exterminated you. They wanted a population that they could control! By the time the Khmer Rouge was removed from power (in 1979), between 1.7 and 3.2 million people had been killed and many more were tortured, beaten and suffered humiliation and starvation. This could easily be compared to the Jewish Holocaust by Hitler. Vietnam then invaded Cambodia and maintained control of the nation until 1990 when they helped the Cambodians form their own government, now called “The People’s Republic of Kampuchea”.

These people have been through so much pain and suffering. Will you please pray?

We are asking that you would lift us up while we are in Cambodia from April 1st to June 15th.  Here are a few prayer points but please pray whatever God lays on your heart:

1. Please pray that God will direct us to “key” people that are hungry for God and that we will be able to disciple them and they will in turn disciple others.  Please pray for the gospel to continually spread long after we are gone through the people we have discipled.

2. Please pray that there will be a spiritual breakthrough, that God would take off spiritual blinders off the people so they will hear and receive the gospel.  There is so much spiritual darkness there. Please pray for protection for our team.

3. Will you pray that God will start to heal their hearts and the families from all the hurt and pain from the past and that they will recognize that Jesus is the answer.

4. We will help start a prayer room at the YWAM base in Battambang, Cambodia.  Will you ask God to lay it on the leaders hearts concerning the importance of prayer and that God will lead us to indigenous people who have a heart to pray for their nation.  Will you pray that the prayer room will keep going long after we leave, that this will become a part of the culture of the missions base.

5. Please pray that God will keep our team from getting sick.

Thank you so much for considering to pray for us.  We will keep you posted as we are on the field.

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