Off to the Villages, I Have Given Up My Rights

On a tuk tuk ride

What a week.  It’s been amazing!  I’m slowly starting to learn that language…well I can say a few words.

Alkuhn=Thank you

Bawt chwain=left

Bwat Sdan=right




Sooks sabeye=how are you? to a young person

Nechmouh eye=what’s your name

Those are just a few.  The directions help when you are in a Tuk-Tuk trying to get home!!!!  A Tuk-Tuk being a moped with a sort of trailer on the back.  So fun.

On the back of moped taxi doing a scavenger hunt in Battambang

We will be heading to a state run orphanage today.  We will be spending the next 9 days there out in a remote village away from town.  There are no beds, so we will be sleeping on a plastic mat on the floor.  Our showers will be done with clothes on behind a building using a bucket.  We will be using a squattie for a toilet.  I’m so excited.  I’m ready to be stripped of all entitlements.

They travel with their kiddos on their Mopeds, sometimes there might be 6 people

Entitlements:  Are the rights we feel we should have in our own lives.  As Americans we feel we have so many entitlements.  Here are 12 big ones.  Entitlements are like weeds in our lives, they continue to come back so we much pick them out and repent regularly and choose to walk in the opposite spirit.

1. Time: The right to control circumstances when I would like them to be done or happen. “My timetable”

2. Comforts: The difference between what I need and what I want.

3. Appearance: The entitlement of looking a certain way, clothes, perfume, makeup, hair, etc.

4. Personal attention and Recognition: Look at what I’ve done and pat me on the back.  The need for others to notice “my” service to them

5. Money: Having the money for a certain standard of living.  The average Cambodian lives on $300/year.

6. Service: The picking and choosing of when to serve, when it’s convenient for me to help out or waiting for someone else to do it.

7. Inquiring of the Lord: Making decisions on my own rather than asking the Lord what His heart is.

8. Energy and Stamina: Choosing when to obey and serve based on how I’m feeling physically and mentally.  I’m tired, I won’t help.  Being willing to serve at all times no matter how “I” feel.

9. Perfection from Others: Waiting for others to perform perfectly before we do our part.  This is rebellion…”I will keep the house clean as soon as you stop being a slob”

10. Selective Obedience: The obedience choice depending on who is asking….pastor, sister, father, lower level leader.

11. Emotions: “But this is how I feel”  Emotions are not an excuse for sin.  We need to not react upon emotion.  We have become a nation of I will do “this” because I’m mad…etc.

12. Reward:  This is a desire for reward based on obedience.  We want to be compensated for obedience (praise, thank you note, gifts, food, etc).  We cannot serve based on needing a response from someone else.  It’s just “yes, sir, yes”

Waiting for some food!!!

This outreach has already exposed so many of my own entitlements, if not all of them.  I’m in a team of 13 so I do not have the right to do what I want when I want.  I am a part of a team and they are more important than just me!!!!  I have given up the rights to comfort, I have embraced what I have been given and am so grateful for all that I have.  I take cold showers, and I sleep on a hard bed with someone above me.  I sweat all day long, I could whine and complain but it won’t help.  I am enjoying the weather and loving this place that God has created.  I am the oldest in my room of 8 girls, it’s not easy but I have decided to serve and serve and serve.  When I want to be frustrated I just turn in the opposite spirit and decide to serve.  It’s breaking all my paradigms of the American way.  I was spoiled, I was needy and I was utterly selfish.  In no way am I saying I am none of those things anymore.  I’m only saying I totally realize all of this as this trip progresses.

My prayer is that the Lord continues to break my mold of selfishness.  That I might honor those around me before I decide to do what I want to do.  Jesus came to the earth to serve!!!  That was His heart.  He is asking that of us as well.  So my prayer is Father that you would continue to strip me of me so that there is more room for you!!!!


S-21 Prison Walls...A nation of genocide!!!!

Signing off for the next 10 days….ENTITLEMENT KILLER!!!!



2 thoughts on “Off to the Villages, I Have Given Up My Rights

  1. Wow, Lu. So appreciate you sharing your photos, thoughts and experiences. Yes, we are spoiled…when I was in Romania with grandma, I found the first couple of days to be very uncomfortable, but by the third day, I was feeling like a native. They were having a drought…little to no water…soap made from lye…a cold room instead of a refrigerator…you didn’t eat unless you grew or raised your food…wierd little bugs that bit thru everything…no paved roads, so lots of dust…and so on. The people were amazingly happy with their lives…simple and spartan as things were…none of them expressed a desire to have our abundant life in the USA. I love you, Lu.

  2. Lucianne,
    I love to read your updates. Boy this one really reached out and got my attention. I have always had disgust at “those” with their false sense of entitlement. But these are not ones I have thought of before as being entitlements. These hit MY heart with conviction. Particularly numbers 1, 6 and 8.
    Lord, I repent of these even now and ask you to remove my selfishness. Fill me with your grace and help me to obey that I may have more of you.

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