I Couldn’t Help It

My Village Team Trying to Look Tough...Well Except for Me

Well hello there!!!!

Thanks for stopping in.  Stay for a bit!  There’s lot of great non-sense on here.  Well not always non-sense but today will just be fun.

So the other day I wrote about a new joy.  I mentioned I knew that God had not made me serious but that He had created me to laugh and love and be silly.  So I thought I would post my momma’s comment to this.  It’s merely confirmation that I was originally designed for laughter and I am returning to who I was created to be.  Satan ain’t got no hold on me!!!!  So here is my momma’s response to my post.  It’s pretty funny.

I remember the first time I ever heard you laugh. You were a couple of months old and we were laying on the couch together. I had just finished feeding you a bottle. You were this little tiny dainty little baby girl. I was patting you as you lay on my chest and we were just enjoying our moment together. Then you let out this GINOURMOUS burp. It was as if there were a three hundred pound truck driver in the room and it came out of this tiny little baby. I just started laughing hysterically hanging onto you for dear life so you didn’t fall of me because I was bouncing on the couch so hard because of my laughter….then the most amazing thing happened. You started laughing. Not a smile, not a squeak but you started laughing just like that baby in the video above but you were much younger. It was just a moment of infectious, contagious joy!!! It still makes me have a belly laugh when I think of it today thirty years later! Laughter is contagious! 

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