Who’s Jeevit???

Easter @ Jeevit's House

There are so many amazing things happening over here.  We are so busy doing all kinds of ministry and teachings.  On Thursday’s I go over to a house called Jeevit’s House to help with rice day.  I have attached a little bit about what this home is all about with a little video just so you guys can get a little insight into some of the things we are doing over here.  Check it out!!!!

Jeevit’s House was founded in March of 2010 in Battambang, Cambodia with the mission to give children with HIV/AIDS a chance at life.

In December 2007 I had been living in Battambang, Cambodia for just over a year when I met one nameless orphan with AIDS left at the government orphanage. All we knew of her story was that her mom had just died with AIDS leaving behind this precious 8 month old girl with deep, dark, and trusting eyes. The orphanage would later give her another name which she is now known by, but we wanted to name her that first day we met her. We chose the name Jeevit, the Khmer word for life, not realizing that day how much meaning the name contained specifically for our sweet girl.
I do not know how Jeevit managed to live through the next several months. Despite overwhelming odds against her she refused to quit fighting for her life. God heard our prayers as we cried out for healing and today she is as alive and mischievous as any other 3 year old I know.
All around us are children in circumstances just like Jeevit was a few years ago. So many children are orphaned or in families that are struggling just to survive. The very least they should get is a chance for life, but really they deserve so much more.

Take a second to watch the story of Jeevit, whose name means “life,” the inspiration for our efforts –

Want to know more?  Want to know how you could help?  Check out JEEVIT’S HOUSE


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