The Boy That Grabbed My Heart

I saw this boy in the halls of the hospital and my heart went out to him immediately.  Unbeknownst to me he was actually the boy we were coming to see.  Here’s the story below.

3 thoughts on “The Boy That Grabbed My Heart

  1. Dear Lu-
    I enjoyed your post on the little boy. I just completed a clinical in mental health with young children and it is very sad to see the abuse in the world and these are just cases we know of. God is good in helping these children be removed from such destruction. Unfortunately, there are life-long scars to deal with. Hopefully, they will some day be able to live a somewhat normal life. We Love You Lots and are Very, Very Proud of your endevours Lu!!! God Bless your travels!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing this story. So good to know he’s in a better place with adults who care and have some resources and knowledge of how to care for kids with AIDS.

  3. Oh how it touches me that even though his mother is not treating him correctly….she named him at birth what his birthright really is….Special.

    I can’t be there to love and hug on him but how can I help the orphanage that loves and hugs those kids? Can I donate to them monthly? I would love to further that work God is doing so that other special children can be safe.

    thank you for the story Lucianne….
    Love you

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