Why is Grace So Hard?

I have found it quite difficult to even begin this post.

How can a girl who has been stricken with an inability to offer grace actually write about grace?

With that, you can read it all or stop here, for I have zero place to actually speak of it.  But, feel led to write about it.  God sent His Son to die for the sins of the world…now that’s grace.  The ultimate gift of grace, so now begins my journey to learn of it.  That I will walk in it, everyday.  I have been freely given grace, something I never deserved.  So I want to learn to accept it and then to give.

Love and grace go hand in hand.  As we begin to understand the love of God, the realization of how much He loves me, I begin to love more.  I can’t help but love more and love better as I learn about the love of the Father.  It’s the same with grace, if we do not learn to receive and understand grace, we cannot give it.  But we have been given the ultimate gift of grace…but as a generation we choose to rather give ungrace.  We hold grudges, we choose not to forgive, we choose and eye for an eye, we choose dog eat dog, we choose bitterness.  All of these things shut off our ability to offer grace.

I’m reading a really great book right now called “What’s So Amazing About Grace?”.  It’s really good and is just talking about what ungrace does in families.  Ungrace and bitterness can span generations.  A mother’s bitterness can come from her mother that then goes down to the children….it’s a root and it grows, but simple grace can shift and change it all!!!  Or how grace has repaired relationships between nations, simply humility and apology has caused wars to cease.  Grace is powerful!!!

What is grace?  In this book there’s an amazingly simple definition…There is nothing we can do to make God loves us more, there’s nothing we can do to make God love us less.  Really?  It’s crazy to think about, God already loves me as much as infinite God can possibly love us.  He will not love us less or more.  He just loves us, He created us.  We have the opportunity to choose to love Him back.  It’s free will, it’s a free gift.  But He just loves us.  I just find that so hard to believe sometimes but just like grace I must choose it because it’s truth.

As I have been reading this book I have come across all of these great quotes about grace that I wanted to share:

“Grace, my friend, demands nothing from us but that we shall await it with confidence and acknowledge it in gratitude.”

When we do this, grace begins to be a part of who we are.  It’s innately in our DNA but along the road of selfish humanity we lose it.  We take on the ungrace of the world.  So I just say you were created with grace.  You were created to receive it and give it!!!!  It has nothing to do with whether or not you deserve it, none of us do!  So just sit back and soak it in, it will change your life!

“We have been given grace…we preach it but forget to walk it.  We have been offered it but we do not offer it freely.”

This I say is me!  I’m a work in progress but pray every morning for more grace.  I am guilty of not offering grace.  So I say will you forgive me all that I have not offered it to?  I am sorry!

“Guilt exposes a longing for grace.”

I can’t tell you how many times I have had confrontation with people and my own pride has risen above my humility and grace is not receive or offered.  What happens next?  I then am filled with guilt about it all….great news.  God wants to offer grace, so in repentance we can come and receive grace and we can then walk in humility and find grace for another….wow did that make sense?  I’m not sure it did….sorry!!!

“What I needed more than pardon was a sense that God accepted me, owned me, held me, affirmed me, and would never let go of me even if He was not too much impressed with what He had on His hands.” -Lewis Smedes

Like a punch to the gut, the secret longing of my heart….WOW!!!!  Yeah, the question…would God leave me?  I have asked Him so many times…Lord please don’t ever leave.  I can’t do life without you anymore.  Nothing would make sense.  Great news…grace!!!  No matter how short I fall HE’S NEVER GOING ANYWHERE!!!!

“God loves people because of who God is, not because of who we are.”

Great News!!!!

I was just blown away by all of this…..I want more grace.  I need more grace….I can’t live without more grace.  I am learning day by day and my eyes are being opened to all those around me who have offered me grace.

For my mom who offered grace all my life…thank you

For all those in the gym all these years have stood beside me being gracious all along the way…thank you

For my friend Annie who showed grace day after day as I was broken and built back up…thank you

For my friends who have stood beside me, loving me for me…thank you

For a God who never gave up on me and will never give up on me…thank you

I am learning that I can be as close to God as I want.  It’s my choice.  He will not force me to do anything.  His arms are always open.  He wants closeness and I am the only one that hinders that, but day after day grace is given and I can come back.

I’m sorry if this was all choppy and messy and maybe made no sense.  I’m hoping that at least one line made sense.  So I throw out a challenge.  Where and who can you offer more grace to?  Is there someone that you can’t stand?  Ask the Lord what He sees in them, how did He create them?  Is there someone you are in an argument with?  Does someone need to apologize?  You know you aren’t the one that should?  Grace and reconciliation is waiting, simple humility could end it all.  If someone cuts you off on the road, Grace…just try it.  It’s walking in the opposite spirit all the time.  I am challenged with it everyday here.  It’s not comfortable all the time and most of the time I don’t choose grace, but I want to!!!

So for the extra post of rambling….I apologize…Grace?


6 thoughts on “Why is Grace So Hard?

  1. Grace….
    God’s unmerited favor.
    Nothing we deserve.
    Something we all need.
    A sure sign that we are a child of God.
    Something we all need to work on.
    His grace is sufficient for me…..

    Love you Lucianne Marie “Grace” Crenshaw
    I take your challenge and I know who I need to offer more grace to in my life. I will work on that. Thank you for the reminder.

    Loving you across the world.

  2. Hi,

    Feeling a bit low this eve and read your post-thank you so much, it really reminded me of how much god loves me just as I am and how he’ll never leave me.

    Thanks again for sharing this, it’s really helpful.

    • Andy, I’m so glad that the love of the Father was realized through the blog of an average woman!!!! God bless you and never ever stop searching and asking the Lord about how much He loves you. He will never stop telling you!!!!

  3. What a touching, “punch to the gut” blog. I saw your post on EMM and had to come check it out. So great to see you are doing so well, very inspiring. I have read all of your posts up til this one and it struck a chord. Boy was I lacking grace for so many years. Always seeing the negative, so quick to judge and tear apart. Your post is moving…. we can all turn and go a different direction, to more grace. Thank you for writing this.

    • Lisa,

      Thanks for reading all my posts and receiving the punch in the gut…hahaha. I’m sure there will be plenty more where those came from. I get punch in the gut alot….but there’s so much grace with each jab and an ability to take one, get my wind back and head back to the Father’s heart for more truth.

      God Bless and Happy New Year!


  4. What a great post – it totally stirred my heart and emotions . Thankyou . I am so inspired with your walk and your courage . Sharing your journey really touches me . I love how god can connect people to us at times when we really need them . Stay well. You are a special child of god . Love Rachel

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