You Gotta Read this One


I found this passage in an amazing book I’m reading…I have seriously taken up reading.  I think this is my fourth book in the last 2 or 3 weeks.  Crazy…I have never been much of a reader but have read some FABULOUS books!!!!

The one I am currently reading is called Dreaming With God by Bill Johnson.  It’s so amazing.  Here is it’s summary.

“Forget about redesigning your living room or adding ‘curb appeal’-how about redesigning the world.  There are rooms in your world that need your special touch-your child’s classroom; your co-worker’s office; your neighbor’s heart.

There are regions in your world that need your inspiration-your community’s poor; your states policies; your nations leaders.  God has given you a blank check to create a better world-just sign your name.”

I decided to quote the person who got paid money to write the summary rather than using my own words.  I haven’t finished the book yet…well I actually haven’t gotten but 20 pages in and it’s rocking me.

The basis is that God has placed dreams inside of us.  They are his dreams and he is dying for us to dream them.  He created us to dream them.  I will write more about the book when I get more into it.  But there was one part…well one part of many that I had to stop and just laugh and repent and wait until the WOW factor had worn off.  This next passage is a little long, so bear with me.  It’s amazing.  This part is talking about being friends with God, we are not servants, we are friends.

“The classic example of of the difference between servants and friends is found in the story of Mary and Martha.  Mary chose to sit at Jesus’ feet while Martha chose to work in the kitchen (Luke 10:38-42)

Mary sought to please Hm by being with Him while Martha tried to please Him through service.  When Martha became jealous, she asked Jesus to tell Mary to help in the kitchen.  Most servants want to degrade the role of the friend to feel justified in their works oriented approach to God.  Jesus’ response is important to remember: ‘Mary has chosen the better part‘.  Martha was making sandwiches that Jesus never ordered.  Doing more for God is the method servants use to increase in favor.  A friend has a different focus entirely.  They enjoy the favor they have and use it to spend time with their friend.

To say we need both Marys and Marthas is to miss the point entirely.   And it simply isn’t true.  I’ve heard it said that nothing would ever get done if we didn’t have Marthas.  That, too is a lie.  That teaching comes mostly from servants who are intimidated by the lifestyle of friends.  Mary wasn’t a non-worker; she just learned to sever from His presence, only making the sandwiches that Jesus ordered.  Working from His presence is better than working for His presence.  Pastor Mike Bickle put it best when he said that there are lovers and there are workers.  And lovers get more work done than do workers.  A passionate lover will always outperform a good servant pleasing Him.”

Like a punch to the gut.  How often I have placed duty in front of just spending time with the Lord.  Or even placing the duties of my life in front of just hanging out with my friend Jesus.

Life is so much better as a friend with Jesus by my side.  I get to see His heart.  I get to ask Him His heart.  I get to spend time with the most faithful friend EVER!!!!  And when I spend time in His presence the things of life that need to get done get done and there is joy there rather than duty.  I don’t want to be a servant.  I choose friendship.

His presence is the best place on earth.  It’s the best place I have ever found.  There’s safety on all sides, there’s peace that passes understanding, there’s joy unspeakable, there’s love that abounds, and the list goes on and on.

I challenge you to sit down with Jesus.  Ask Him how’s He’s doing.  Ask Him what’s on His heart.  Try out a life of friendship, a life of closeness.  The life of a servant is distant, it’s unknown and it’s just not great.  I don’t know about you but I want the fullness and I have found it in friendship…oh and the dreams that are inside of my heart are so much more amazing because they have come out of a place of friendship!!!!


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