The Man in My Life

Ok Ok Ok….

So raise your hand if you clicked on this post because you were dying to know about my new man?  Hahahahaha.  I had a feeling, but it was such a good title I had to keep it.  But the man I’m talking about is my sweet nephew Dominic “Bubba” John Crenshaw.  He just makes my little heart melt.  I just wanted to post this sweet picture of him and then tell you what happened today when we were skyping.

He hopped up on the bed as I was talking to my sisters.  He was all handsome and showed me his new haircut and his two missing bottom teeth.  Then he just wanted to remind me that he missed me.

Then I told him that I would be home in 27 days.  He was so excited because that was sooooo soon.

Then he preceded to tell me that he was saving his money so that he could take me out on a date when we got home.  Maybe Yogurt Hut and a movie!!!  I mean….does it get any sweeter than that?  I think not.  A little 5 year old pursuing his aunties heart.  Well I’m a sucker for that little man and I obviously said yes!!!  So basically I can’t wait to get home and give him a big old hug!!!

Daddy’s keep loving your sons, teaching them to be men, encouraging them, reminding them that you are proud of them, telling them they are enough, and spending as much time with them as you can.  Bubba will grow up to be a man whose heart is pure and knows how to be polite, how to be kind, how to be a man!!!!  So to my brother and sister in law…you have done an amazing job of raising your son.  He will be a man among men.

He will be a man of honor, a man of valor, a man after God’s own heart.

Dominic=Belonging to the Lord

John= God’s Grace

Crenshaw=A melon (fruitful)

So Bubba, your auntie loves you and misses you tons and tons and I can’t wait to hang out when I get home.  You are the best nephew you any auntie could ask for!!!


One thought on “The Man in My Life

  1. He truly is an amazing little human. I just melt every time he catches me looking at him and he gives me a little crooked smile and winks at me with those deep brown eyes. ‘sigh’ It does a grandma’s heart glad!!!!

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