My Favorite 3 Year Old!!!!

The first thing most say when they see her is that she is beautiful and that she has amazing hair!!!!

Yes and yes!!!

But even more amazing is her sweet little heart.  When she opens up her mouth the cutest voice comes out about how good her little sister was today.  She will also let me know how much she misses me and how she can’t wait until I come home from Camvodia!!!!  I mean sometimes she’s so cute I can’t even handle it.

While I have been away I have gotten to skype with my family quite often.  Hadley will get on and just show me all of her silly faces!!!  And then show me her cute shoes!!!

When she was little and learning to talk she would call me auntie whew whew….it almost sounded like a little siren.  It was the sweetest thing.

She just melts my heart and I just can’t wait to see the woman she grows up to be.  God has placed inside of her a sweet tenderness but it is also mixed with a little fiery warrior spirit!!!  She’s a fighter and won’t go down without a fight…righteous fight!!!!


She is just so precious to my heart and I can’t wait to hang out when I get home.

She is a beautiful fruitful girl who is loved, blessed and favored by the Lord.  I’m not sure what my life would be without her.  She has taught me to love, to laugh and to just see the simple joys in life.  She might be my niece but she definitely gives me something to live for.  She has taught me to love like I didn’t know I could.

I love you Hadders!!!!!


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