From One Blogger to Another….

Angkor Wat

I read a blog today that just really inspired me to continue to blog.  My trip is coming to a close but my heart has been opened more than ever.  There is so much inside that could be poured out over many many blog posts.  So I feel like it will continue.  I will maybe need some sort of directions…well maybe not.  I like spontaneity, so just a warning it could be all over the place!

The blog I read just offered such a place of vulnerability and transparency.  It was inspiring and just encouraged me more and more to just continue to write and to pour out what’s inside.  There may not be many that read this…but there could be just one on one specific day that stumbles upon this blog and will forever be changed.  There might be one that reads this and begins to understand the love of God.

So I’m just gonna keep this short and sweet, Lindsay l whom I have met once many many years ago, thank you for your post it’s inspired me to continue to write even though this season is coming to a close.  I learn more and more about myself in this blog!  Sometimes it’s messy, sometimes it’s deep, and sometimes it’s down right lame.  But I learn.

So if any of you readers out there have any idea for a direction or a theme, would you be willing to leave me a comment and let me know?  Thanks!!!!

1 night left in Cambo….this has been the most amazing 6 months of my life!!!  I can’t wait to see what the next season looks like…



One thought on “From One Blogger to Another….

  1. I just stumbled across your blog. I have a lot more reading I want to do here. But what stands front and center and draws me in is to see all the earnest heart-passion you have for God. And when I came across this particular small post, I received a dose of encouragement. I’ve been short on time these last few weeks and I have drooped down into a slump of discouragement. Your words, even this particular short post, offered me a ray of sunlight today — via the Spirit. And that reminds me of why we bother pouring ourselves out through words. Thank you. And be encouraged!

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