The One Word That Sums It All Up

Two and a half months summed up in one word….not sure I would actually be able to do it….BUT I HAVE ONE and here’s how it’s spelled:


The SIMPLICITY of living life


The SIMPLICITY of love

I lived in a room with 8 girls on bunk beds and we all shared one bathroom, in which the toilet didn’t work for the last 3 weeks.  We had one shelf that was maybe a foot and a half long and a foot deep to put all my clothes on.  I wore the same outfits every week, never did my hair, and never wore makeup.  I did wear deodorant though…don’t worry folks I never forgot to wear deodorant.  I just really had my eyes open to what I need and what I don’t need.  The things I can live without.  I have learned that my life was full of excess, in soooo many areas.  My friend said to me, “I hope you got to a third world country for outreach.  It’s the place your life will be changed the most.”  I have to say I couldn’t have agreed more!!!!  The simplicity of life is something that I will constantly have to remind myself about, but I hope that it’s sunk in and that it can continue.

The simplicity of joy was ALL around me, EVERYDAY!!!!  I was constantly around people who had little to no possessions and still were happy.  They were still joyful even though they lived on the sidewalk and had no idea when their next meal would be.  I still saw so much joy.  For all the children in the orphanage, they had no parents.  They had been abandoned by their parents…they still had sooo much joy!!!  Joy that was contagious.  So to all those who opened my eyes to how simple joy is, thank you!!!!  For the places of my heart that were awakened by the Lord…thank you Father!!!  Joy is not something that I must try for everyday…it’s now something that is part of me.

The simplicity of love was the greatest gift I found here.  I learned that I may not be able to change the life of the woman on the street but I can love her.  I can just literally love her!!!!  I can hang out with her, take her daughter to ice cream, or just hang out.  The value of relationship, the value of love overwhelmed me everyday!!!!  I just learned to love all the way all the time.  I learned not to hold back love because I knew I would leave soon.  I just loved and was loved.  THANK YOU!!!

All too often we make life so complicated, we get so bogged down with life that we forget to be joyful, we forget to love.  We forget to just simply love!!!!  So to sum it up.  Simplicity was what I learned.


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