For The Critic Inside

We All Have a Critic Inside of Us...

Oh man….what can I say, Satan is relentless.  His goal is to kill steal and destroy and he does that well by keeping us in bondage or something called strongholds.  Strongholds keep us from walking in who we were truly created to be.  There are many and they all look a little different.  As I began my journey more and more the places I was bound became more and more apparent.  Now that I am back doing life these places are trying to come back but I tell you what I’m just not going to go for it.  I’m going to keep fighting.  We did an amazing series on freedom and identifying our strongholds.

I’m not gonna lie, they aren’t pretty to dig for.  Some are so obvious and others I just had to dig for and then ask the questions of whether I function in those places.  So basically what I’m about to do is to do a little series on strong holds and what they look like.  I would someday love to be able to teach this sort of stuff….to help others walk in the sort of freedom I found.  It’s the best place to be.

Freedom involves vulnerability and involves a heart that is willing to walk in repentance.  It involves looking at even the yuck and saying yes I function like this but I don’t want to anymore and then asking for forgiveness and then walking forward out of these places where shackles have been placed by the enemy.

A critical spirit…oh yeah that was me…that’s the stronghold I’m gonna talk about today.  It’s an area that we as a nation just function in.  We don’t offer much grace for anything, we expect others to be just like us and if they aren’t then they are wrong.  It’s an interesting stronghold but man when it can be identified and then a fight is put up to overcome….watch out…joy arises!!!!!

Critical Spirit: A spirit that always regards people and circumstances from a negative point of view.  It is impatient, irritable, unforgiving, unbending, and ungrateful towards others.  It’s treatment of others is characterized by lack of gratitude, unwillingness to forgive, anger, hypocrisy, arrogance, conceit, insubordination, and rejection.

WOW right?  Yeah after I read that I sort of had a stomach ache.  Hahaha…but I continued on to the recognizing a critical spirit and then I realized even more that I was walking in this place and definitely wanted to be free and walk in a place of way more grace and joy!!!  Here are some signs of critical spirits

– I am impatient with others’ weaknesses

-I am hard on my children and/or my spouse

-I am intolerant of people who are different than me or who fail to measure up to my standards.

– I tend to carry grudges, and I harbor resentment when I am wronged.

-I take it on myself to feel offended for others if I feel they have been wronged.

UGH… I have been punched in the gut….well it doesn’t feel as hard of a slug as it used to feel.  I read that stuff and just didn’t want to walk in that anymore.  And now that I am aware of these places I tend to walk I can be more aware of how to walk out of them.  So I challenge you to check that critical spirit inside of you and start to say no to it, walk away from it, be done with it!!!

Just stop and think for a second if Jesus was a critical spirit…what would he say about us everyday, every minute…wait don’t think about it…well no….think about it.  It’s a good heart check.

Lovin’ the growth!!!!

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