Nothing Like a Good Gut Check on a Monday Morning


Who knew Monday morning would greet me with a huge mouthful of humility that involved no words other than the ones on the page? Well I sort of did. My heart was a bit of a mess last night trying to sort through it’s own stuff and then I arrived at the coffee shop! Good things tend to happen at the coffee shop even if it’s hard. So today….the stronghold of….ready? Are you sure? It’s not any easy one……close your eyes….ok now OPEN! Pride and arrogance. Wait, wait, wait….so close this page. Stay here. If you feel like running, even more reason to stay.

Pride: Inordinate self-esteem; conceit….and if you are a little like me you will look up the definition of inordinate…but wait, I will just get it for you. Not within proper or reasonable limits; unrestrained in conduct, feelings; disorderly, uncontrolled….I know right….UGH, it’s an ugly word. Now to arrogance.

Arrogance: An attitude of superiority manifested in an overbearing manner or in presumptuous claims or assumptions.

Ok let’s keep rolling, I’m going somewhere….what’s the opposite of pride? You guessed it humility! This was what met me this morning in my Strong Father, Strong Daughter book. The chapter titled Teach Her Humility. All too often we associate humility with weakness, but humility is actually is having the proper perspective on ourselves, of seeing ourselves as we really are. It’s also knowing that every person has equal worth!

Pride is living with ourselves as the most important, the most valuable, the one with the rights to whatever we feel we deserve. It’s ugly and it’s sin.

The thing I’m realizing is that I always felt I was a humble person. I’m not one to brag about my successes, awards, accolades, etc. That’s what I thought humility was. And I was wrong. I’m going to be very frank here…and again I’m not talking down on myself or being hard on myself. I’m speaking truth and desiring to walk with a higher standard and challenging you to the same.

I have known for awhile now that maintaining relationships are hard for me. They are hard for many reasons, but basically because any good relationship is worth fighting for and I’m not the best at that. I’m learning, I’m working and will continue. But here’s the kicker, when we have humility we are better at relationship, we are equipped for deeper relationships that last. Humility is the foundation of healthy relationships.

When we are prideful we are not able to see others for who they are….humility teaches us to love others as they are. Pride creates a critical spirit….it’s now all falling into place! I desire deep meaningful relationship and most of the time I’m standing in my own way because humility is not my strong suite!

Honor comes before humility (Prov. 15:33, 18:12) Lord my prayer is for more humility, that my pride would fall. That I would see me and the woman you have created me to be. That I would not see more or less than who you made me to be…AMEN.

Oh boy a nice little random prayer in the middle of my post. So….now, how do we walk out of pride and begin to clothe ourselves with humility (1 Peter 5:5).

Walking in humility is being a servant to all, growing in the character of God, finding ways to lift others up, see yourself as God sees you, acknowledge shortcomings and sin in the presence of others, make no claims for you, pray for God to reveal all places of our pride, and lastly and most importantly, being fully dependent on the Lord!

I think I pretty much make pride a fun place of repentance daily and I’m totally ok with that. For the places of where we are attacked by Satan the most is the places we are destined to be the most great. So if every time pride arises and I see as sin, repent and walk in the opposite spirit pretty soon the enemy will just leave me alone.

Pride is a battle I fight everyday and I’m tired of it. I’m tired of it hindering relationships….I’m going after this root with a very big showel and a seriously heavy ax….praise the Lord that God’s bigger and He will help me uproot the root of pride!

Thanks for reading my ramblings, I would love to hear your hearts!

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