Do Not Be Afraid!


How many times the words “I’m afraid”, “I’m scared”,” I’m worried” have rolled off my tongue over the last 30 years of my life is astounding. I grew up hearing the words worry wart or neurotic more times that I would care to admit. If I had a bump on my arm, I had cancer. I would go to bed with mounds of covers and pillows because if someone broke into my house maybe they wouldn’t see me amongst all the covers. It then grew into an obsession, I would literally wake up in the morning with the list of things I was worried about for that day….you laugh, but I’m serious!!!

We live in a society that does nothing but make us scared and worried. We are bombarded by more fear based propaganda than any other time in history! It’s quite disgusting. And as our nation becomes more and more afraid we walk farther and farther away from God and more and more into the schemes and lies of the enemy! And it makes perfect sense that fear is the absence of faith! We are a nation walking outside of God’s heart at every turn, compromising all too often. We lack trust in the Lord because we are not choosing to walk everyday with Him.

The enemy had…yes I say had…this girl is no longer a worry wart. Sure I still stumble but know now immediately that going to The Lord in repentance and denying the lies of the enemy will remove all fear. It says in the Bible that perfect love casts put fear (1John 4:18). The more and more I understood the love of God the less and less I feared. I’m no Bible scholar but there are tons and tons of times where the Lord says not to fear, but do we listen? Well for a long time I didn’t and when I didn’t listen it was saying God I don’t trust you, remember what I said earlier, that fear is a lack of faith. So as you can see ladies and gentlemen (yes I do love that men read my blog too!!!) it’s a big ole vicious cycle. Fear is the enemy, it’s his way of keeping us captive. Here are a few ways fear really messed up my life:

-I was a workaholic because I didn’t trust God with my business.
-I didn’t tithe because if I tithes it was less money in my savings…on a side note people ask how business is so good, I started tithing and gave the Lord The Den.
-I walked away from so many relationships with friends and boyfriends because I didn’t trust the Lord with my heart, along the way I damaged some hearts as well as my own.
-I wasn’t kind because if I was kind I was vulnerable and if I was vulnerable people could hurt me.
-I didn’t trust the Lord with my family and in turn I was overbearing and controlling….ewww!
-I was so serious all the time because I was so afraid of man that I worried what others might think if I was silly.

Do any of these make you feel a little uncomfortable? Yeah they make me a little squeamish too! It bums me out as well because of all the time I wasted living in fear. When we invite the Lord in our hearts as our Lord and Savior we are given a scepter of authority and place at the right hand of the Father. This is the authority to rise above fear, to heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons and to simple SAY NO TO THE PITIFUL FEARS SATAN TRIES TO PLANT IN US!

Authority, authority, authority, you have authority, you have the power of the Son! It’s yours for the taking!

Fear is not from God and it results in a lack of faith. Check out the sheet below to determine which fears have taken over your life!


So in determining areas of fear we must walk out in repentance, despise fear with holy passion, ask the Lord to reveal more, rebuke fear every time it arises (even if it’s out loud in line at Target…do it :->), and turn and walk in faith!

I challenge you to a word study on faith, dig into the word and find out how many places God takes about faith and not being afraid. I cannot tell you what has happened in my life since I began to really trust the Lord. I am happier and more content than I have EVER been, there is joy unspeakable and peace that passes understanding. The world is unsteady but I stand on the rock that is higher than I. We live in a world that seems to get worse and worse daily, but God promises protection to His people. He’s returning soon and He is searching the world for those who will say, “Yes God I trust you.” My live, my heart, my soul and my mind have been so radically changed since fear has gone. Allow Him to love you!

Special thanks to Brian Brennt for the amazing tools of freedom and to Gyspy Jane Photography for the beautiful picture of trust!

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