Sweet Nothings


My own ears fail me soooooo often? I mean I can hear, but there are things that go in that I am sometimes not even aware of! There are things I hear but I’m actually not even paying attention to. This post won’t be long today but I want to pose a challenge. So today I was watching a YouTube video and found out that a certain artist we listen to all too often has literally denied the name of Jesus on his chart topping song.

We listen, we sing, we dance a little too it not really paying attention to the words falling upon our own hearts, the lines that drop into our spirit. In Jay-Z’s Empire State of Mind song around the 3 minute mark he says “And Jesus can’t save you/Life starts when the church ends.” I used to love that song…it had a great beat. Did I ever pay attention to the words? Not really? But let me tell you I have now perked them. I do not need nor want that stuff dropping into the heart of mine!

Be on guard to the Wiley schemes of the enemy? He would love nothing more than for you to continue to take it all in. I do not want that to fall upon my own ears let alone the ears of the children around me. It’s time for us to wake up…yes in America we have the freedom of speech but denying the name of the Savior….I don’t want to have to answer to that on the day I stand before the Lord.

Are there places where there is a conforming to the world, a place of compromise happening in the things falling upon our ears? TV, radio, movies, etc?


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