Booties and Boobs


The beautiful booties of those who bring good news. Oh yes, I just said that….I know I took scripture and tweaked it. The verse actually says beautiful are the feet….but these words came quietly out of my mouth as I stood in the dressing room today. I’m not gonna hold anything back here…I got a bootie, it’s perky, it’s wide, it’s got plenty of dimples…it’s my biggest bodily insecurity!

Here’s the problem with all of this. God created my body. The God of the UNIVERSE, THE UNIVERSE, THE UNIVERSE…you hearin’ me? He created our bodies. He made us all look different on purpose! Not so we could pick our bodies apart in front of the mirror but so that we could splendor at His beautiful creation! How boring if we all looked the same. What if every woman had big boobs and flat butts….that would be a bummer because the bootie is a splendid creation. Or what if we all had big booties and no boobs….same thing….we were created different.

My body will never look like a stick thin woman, I put on muscle very easily. But rather than choosing to want that I keep reminding myself about why God created me as He did…HE FINDS IT BEAUTIFUL AND THERE IS A MAN OUT THERE WHO WILL FIND IT TO BE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BODY HE HAS EVER SEEN. A Godly man’s standard of beauty should always be his wife. If we are thin, he loves thin, and then if we gain a little weight his standard of beauty is what my body looks like. What MY body looks like, not any other!

The Lord created my body the way that He did because He created me to run fast and jump high, to pick up heavy things and to be able to compete as a high level athlete. He finds that beautiful in me. But it took me a long time to realize that He didn’t create me to be a musician He created me to be a beautiful strong athlete. The creator of the world finds those things beautiful as they are used for His glory! But for so long I fought that. I wanted smaller arms, a smaller butt and some boobs….but that was not what God had in mind when He created me. I see a picture of the three of them up in heaven chatting as they created the body of every woman. This one will be able to do this, this, and this….while others will do this! He created athletes, artists, singers, mothers, business minded women, we all have one thing in common…BODIES. Bodies that He has given. We are to love them and take care of them.

How often do we look in the mirror and speak out these truths?

I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalm 139….”My body IS beautiful”

I am a stranger and an alien to this world. 1 Peter 2:1….”I’m not supposed to look like the airbrushed models, that is the world’s view of beauty.

I am complete in Christ. Colossians 2:10…”God didn’t forget to make my bootie smaller and my boobs bigger”
I am free from condemnation. Romans 8:1-2…. “I eat right, I exercise, I honor my body for the glory of the Lord alone.”

I cannot Be separated from the love of God. Romans 8:35-39… “No matter what I look like the Lord loves me just the same.”

I am a temple of God. 1 Corinthians 3:16….”I am not apathetic with the taking cares of this one body given to me.”

I am God’s workmanship, created for good works. Ephesians 2:10…”I am beautiful because I was created in the image of Christ. I take care of my body that I might be able to carry out the works of the Lord for as long as I breathe”

I gotta be honest that’s not usually what I say when I’m looking in the mirror. I have felt the challenge to do so as I write. What would happen if we began to see ourselves as the Father sees us. But there’s more…..

The biggest issue in this society is that the outward is what makes us beautiful, in the eyes of the world that is what matters. Forget the heart of the person, what kind of jeans are they wearing and what has she done with her hair. For our beauty is what lies on the inside. We should take care of ourselves but that should not be the basis of beauty.

Tomorrow I will be doing part II of the stronghold of what this looks like as a stronghold of satan. We will look at how when we stand in front of the mirror and pick apart our bodies…it’s sin.

So I challenge you to stand in the mirror and tell the Lord what love about your body, thanking Him for giving you a body that works. Then begin to ask the Lord what He loves about you. Sit down with a piece of paper and ask the Lord to tell you what is beautiful, not the outside but what makes you beautiful on the inside. What it looks to be beautiful in the eyes of the Lord from the inside out!

I might own a gym, know how to eat healthy, but I still struggle as does every woman so I’m merely challenging you in the places the Lord has been challenging me. So Father I pray that you would give me eyes to see me as you see me. For eyes to the beauty you created. For those that read this, that they would see themselves as you see them! God that we would only look to you for our affirmations and not to the world. So, unveil our eyes, that the scales would fall and beauty would shine! AMEN!

Don’t be afraid to knock on the door of the Father’s door….HE WILL ALWAYS ANSWER!

Picture by Gypsy Jane Photography


8 thoughts on “Booties and Boobs

  1. This is so beautifully written and so perfectly put! I needed to hear this, just today I stood in the mirror with critical eyes. I am so thankful for His perfect love and for the perfect “bootie” He gave me!!! Thank you for your encouraging words and I look forward to part II!

    • Thank you Linsey. I just encourage you in seeing His beauty, as His perfect love continues to fall on you beauty will only continue to emerge. You are BEAUTIFUL! I dont know what your bootie looks like but I’m sure it’s beautiful as well! Hahaha from one bootie girl to another.

  2. “A Godly man’s standard of beauty should always be his wife.”

    Agreed. I appreciate your honesty and willingness for God to speak through you in this post.

    And just as our God displays His beauty in women through an incredible diversity, He has also allowed men the privilege of seeing beauty through His eyes if we desire, in wonder of the particular standard that jumpstarts our heart. We would be blessed to exercise that privilege.

    • A.W. thank you for sharing the heart of a Godly man. The world is in need of men who’s heart is bent for the Lord! Thank you for choosing to see women through the eyes of their creator!!!!!

  3. I think this is my most favorite blog you have written. Something every woman should read & I will be sure to read it to my daughters. Your future husband will look at you no matter how you look and think you look beautiful. I have laughed with my husband about how “hot” he thought I was, when I was not “hot” at all. God gave him some form of “beer goggles” LOL. I Pray my girls find a man like him. Living up to the air brushed standards our world is unfair. Thanks for the encouraging words It is so easy to become critical of ourselves. To know that we are Beautiful to God is really all we need.

    • Love you Lisa and it’s so good to know your daughters are in good hands!!!! Oh and I’m pretty sure you never had any unhot days! Love you my friend!

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