A Bloggers Cry For Help…HELP!!!!

Hello All,

So I need your help.  I’m dying to write but I just can’t muster anything amazing.  So what I’m asking of you….would you be willing to leave some comments about some topics or post some questions or just help me get my mind moving again???  Pretty please with a Marachino (is that how you spell it?) cherry on top?!?!?!?!?!



8 thoughts on “A Bloggers Cry For Help…HELP!!!!

  1. I’m no help either with ideas. I just love reading your stuff. It’s not just your thoughts, but what God’s putting on your heart. It’s great encouragement. Are you back to coaching? I’ve seen you’ve been putting work with a captial ‘W’ in at the gym :), but didn’t know if you were back into full swing with coaching.

    Maybe you could touch more on some of those strongholds you’ve talked about in past blogs…the Brian Brennt stuff…anger, insecurity, body image, pride, etc…I guess maybe those are mine 🙂 but didn’t know if you would feel like going deeper into some of that stuff.

  2. Hey beautiful!
    First I want you to know that you are an inspiration and an encouragment to me. It seems as though God speaks to the inner most depths of my soul so often through your words. So thank you for being dilligent in seeking him.

    As for your writers block, I absolutley love the photo with the quote by Socrates

    “It is a shame for a woman to grow old without ever seeing the stregnth and beauty of which her body is capable.”

    I actually liked it so much i put it as my wallpaper. I would love to her your thoughts on this and what it truley means to you, as a woman and as a trainer.

    Love you Lu!

    • Kate,

      Thanks so much for your ideas. I actually have a few ideas in mind. I will definitely write about that. I’m not sure you have read the boobs and booties writings. I think it goes really hand in with that same picture but there is definitely more that can be said about that. How are you doing?

      • I’m doing good. Some craziness in my life as of late which has realy made me happy God is in control. Fully just waiting on the Him right now, and its so sweet. Hope to see you soon!!

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