Face Plant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Lord is clever.  He really is.  And let me tell you He can do the biggest things but He can also do the smallest of things and if our eyes, ears and heart are open we can see and know what He is doing.  It may not make sense but He is so faithful to show us.  We are constant works in progress.

I cannot begin to count all the things He has done in my heart and life these last 10 months. All I can say is that it’s been a spectacular ride.  The ride has been full of ups and downs, twists and turns but I can truly say I’m so grateful I got on the ride.

This was so not the direction I was going with this post but again twists and turns.  Speaking of rides.  A few weeks back, at church the pastor was saying that our relationship with the Lord is like Disneyland.  We do not have to stand at the gate and look inside.  When we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior we get past the gate and inside the park.  We have access to the whole thing!!!!  All of it!!!!  Every part of the park.  He then made a very interesting point.  He said that most of us only walk around the park and never get on a ride.  We have an all access pass in our hands but we just wander the park never enjoying anything inside.

A relationship with Jesus is fun, it’s exciting, it’s unknown sometimes, but the thing we know is that we have full access.  Some rides are crazy and will take you at top speed around twists and turns that leave your stomach in your throat.  It’s exhilarating.  Some are teacups spinning, they are very mellow and you know just what’s going on.  But in all of it, God’s there.  Full access!!!  Walking with the Lord is fun and the more and more we walk, listen, see, hear and learn the better it gets.

I lived a lot of years of my life wandering around the park.  I was missing out on so much of who God was and ultimately who I was in Him.  I know I say that all the time in my posts but it’s just a theme over and over in life.  I see it all the time inside me and others.  We just don’t know truly who we are.  We are hindered by all kinds of junk and lies.  So here’s what I’m getting at…..

I’m at a wedding a few weeks back.  Two of my very best friends got married and I was part of the wedding party.  We had arrived at the rehearsal and eaten dinner.  I was walking around saying hi to all the wonderful people there so never got over the bevvie counter until later.  As I snagged my first cocktail I wandered over the huge dance circle going on.  It was time for the dancing to begin….So here’s where some exciting stuff is being realized.  Well, I realize it now maybe not then, but I now realize that God has changed my heart so much that dancing while sober is nothing that bothers me.  I was never like that before.  I was too serious, self-conscious and just nervous.

So the circle is big…lots of people and the dancer leaves the floor and no one is moving towards the middle…so I decide it’s time for me to go.  I probably should have handed someone my cocktail but I didn’t and I’m so glad I didn’t because it makes the story that much better.  As I’m moving towards the middle of the circle a friend of mine gives me a little shove, but as she pushes me she accidentally steps on the back of my dress and I am going down hard and fast……the initial jarring movement spills part of my drink on my dress as I come crashing to the floor….THE MIDDLE OF THE FLOOR, spotlight and all.  Me, my glass in the middle of the dance circle….face first….

I have spent so many years in sports and have broken my arms so many times that I have learned not to fall on my hands so it turns to an outstretched arm.  As you can see by the pic I got the right hand out but the left never made it out.  The thought was never to save my drink….but I did.  I don’t think my glass even hit the ground.  As I’m laying there I’m just laughing and can’t even believe what just happened….I’m looking around as my friend who gave me the little shove and the looks on peoples faces are priceless.  She is falling all over herself…”I’m so sorry, I totally stepped on your dress.”  “Hahahaha, yes you did.”  I moved off the dance floor laughing and went back to business as usual.

The Lord has so moved in my heart.  My heart of stone has turned to a heart of flesh.  I have allowed the Lord to be the only thing I need and I trust Him and it just makes life way more fun.  It’s just created such an ease in my life, I can say I’m more fun, and life is just more fun.  Had it happened 6 months ago I would have been so embarrassed, probably gotten a little irritated and just couldn’t believe that it happened.  But there’s grace for life now.  I’m still a work in progress but I can laugh at myself and just don’t take myself so seriously and I love that.

We can be freed of anything that binds us with the Lord by our side.  Even if it’s freedom seen by face planting in the middle of a dance floor at a wedding.  Thank you Lord for your freedom.



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