It’s On You….

“The strongest and greatest character is grown through hardship…selected.” -Streams in the Desert

There is a choice…there is always a choice.  He offers it.  We can choose to walk through it or we can choose to turn our backs and walk away from it.

When we choose to walk through it, it will surely be difficult.  But you can also know that you WILL be changed.

When we choose to turn our backs and walk away you walk away unchanged.  We usually choose to walk away because walking through it would be too hard.

There are several things that kept me walking way….Can you relate to:

-Walking away because it might hurt?

-Walking away because it might cause you to be vulnerable?

-Walking away because it might mean failure?

-Walking away because of utter disobedience?

-Walking away because of downright stubbornness?

I actually look forward to walking through the hard stuff because I know in the end God’s going to change me.  He’s going to change my heart.   He’s going to make me a stronger more capable woman.

Let me ask you this…when something gets too hard what do you do?

Someone in the gym the other day (sorry to use you as an example) was asked why they were not doing double unders….their response, “I don’t do them because I’m just not good at them.”  My immediate question to myself became, “What don’t you do Lu because it’s just too hard?”

The answer should be nothing because with Christ I can do everything.  And if I only did things that would lead to success where would the learning every happen.  Where would the humility every come into play?  It wouldn’t because I have lived comfortably.

What don’t you try because you are afraid to fail?

What don’t you try because we just aren’t good at it?

What doing we try because it might hurt a little bit?

Ask yourself….Do I want to stay the same or do I want to change?

One thought on “It’s On You….

  1. Great read Lu!!! You have always been good at the challenges physically. I love seeing you take on the challenges emotionally and relationally. I know you will have great success with them as well!
    Love you with all of my heart.

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