All The Single Ladies Afraid to Hope

“Against ALL hope, Abraham in hope believed” Romans 4:18

Oh how this has struck the deepest of chords….The chord of hoping or should I say, not being afraid to hope.  I have been afraid to hope all of my life.  If I never got my hopes up, I would never be let down…RIGHT????

Wrong, oh so very wrong, I was still let down.  In Proverbs it says that hope deferred make the heart sick.  When we do no hope we do not trust in the goodness of God.  Yes…read that line again….well how about this I will just type it again, when we do not hope we do not trust the goodness of God.  I’m sorry but I do not want to be that girl.

I’m about to expose my heart a little….

I’m almost 31 and still VERY single.  For so long it’s been just something that has left a bad taste in my mouth, a place that has left me shamed.  What’s wrong with me?  What haven’t I done?  How can I better myself in order for that guy to see me?  Yes, all of these things have run through my head, yours too I’m sure.  A man might come along and I don’t want to get excited….so basically Lord I’m not going to choose to trust your goodness here and that you don’t actually have my best in mind.  How wrong I have been.

In Romans it says, “Against all….Abraham believed in hope.”

Against: In opposition to; hostile; in resistance to or defense from

Abraham defended himself from hope.  He was defending himself from hope.  I have been defending my own heart against the goodness of God.  God, the creator of the universe, Lu Crenshaw, human….and I have chosen to defend myself against my creator.  He is my defender yet I have hidden my heart from Him.  Pretty silly now that I think about it, and actually downright ridiculous!!!!

I have lived a life opposing hope, how about you?  Where have you chosen not to hope?

When we fail to hope we actually make our hearts sick.  The Bible says when you hope you bring life to your soul.  I’m actually gonna choose life here.  Ummm….yes, life.  There’s no second guessing this anymore.

Hope: In the Greek it is Elpis-expectation, anticipation, usually with pleasure, confidence, faith.

So from here on out I declare that I will stand in pleasured expectation, pleasured anticipation and great faith that God’s best is coming my way.  God I declare I trust you. That you have the most perfect man in store for me.  And it’s ok to hope for him to be the most magnificent thing you have ever created, and that you have created him just for me.

I challenge you to hope in all things!!!!


6 thoughts on “All The Single Ladies Afraid to Hope

  1. Thank you Lu! Even though I am a guy, these feelings resonate so closely because it is what I have been wrestling with for what feels like a very long time. I appreciate you being able to put into words what my mind has only been fortunate enough to make into a constant garbled mess.

    • Jerid,

      Hold fast and hope. Sometimes it takes the words of another to help us to understand what’s going on in our own hearts. It’s the Lord’s way of giving us His heart through another. I’m glad this spoke to your heart as writing it did mine.

  2. This is exactly what I was wrestling with the Lord over as I stumbled upon your post. Thank you for your deep words of wisdom and for encouraging my heart to Hope in Him! Love you beautiful woman!

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