She Totally Puked On Me!!!


Yep, you heard me correctly….

I TOTALLY GOT PUKED ON!!!!!  I have never been puked on…I have never even puked on myself…well actually I’m not sure that’s true.  My rebel days are through but I had em, so who knows.  I will not go into that, but basically what I’m getting at here is that I got thrown up on.  Now for those of you who are mother’s probably think I am just overreacting because of course you have all been puked on.  But see the thing is, I’m not a mom, I have held babies and they have spit up on me, but there’s a difference between spit up and chunks…anyways you get what I’m saying.

So the other night we were having a little movie night for one of the children’s ministries here.  There were three different movies showing in three different rooms with kids of all ages.

Our room was playing “Horton Hears a Who” or something like that.  Anyways it was a super cute Dr. Seuss movie which has a great pro-life message.  If you haven’t seen it you should watch it with that view and it’s super powerful.  If you have already seen it more times than you would like to admit…watch it again through a pro-life lense.

I watched Shrek once 6 times in a row watching some kiddos…what is it with kids and movies time after time after time.

Oh man I’m a mess right now…I think I’m going stir crazy.  I have been in Starbucks for the last 7 hours…it’s a long walk home so I just decided to stay as I have a coffee date at 5pm. So basically I’m bouncing off the wall with too much caffeine and I’m stir crazy and so as you can see I have not gotten to the punchline yet….I’m even annoying myself right now….HAHAHA!!!

Ok so as we are watching this movie this little girl starts puking amongst all these other kids.  I’m super embarrassed for her so I snatch her out of the middle of the crowd as you only continues to vomit, on her, on me, on my shoes, on the floor.  Now many of you might think that because I’m not a momma I must have unconsciously dropped her on her head as she was puking all over my feet which were fully exposed in flip flops.  Well I am glad to inform you that I did not drop her.  With grace and strength I walked her outside, held back her hair and rubbed her back as she all so calmly proceeded to puke her little brains out.  Not a tear or a shreek came from her.  She puked and was all kinds of ready to go back and watch the movie.

I took her shoes and shirt off and took her into the bathroom rolled up my sleeves and had her stand in the smallest sink I have ever seen.  I cleaned her off…removed all the chunks and proceeded to give her a hand soap bath and set her back out to watch the movie as I cleaned off her shoes and shirt.  I cleaned myself off and went to find her momma.  We found them and they brought her new clothes.  She didn’t make another peep.  She was good to go.

As I sat and watched the rest of the movie I had the swift epiphany that I was ready to be a mom.  Of course I need to become a wife first….but I was ready.  A little human who was a complete stranger vomited on me and it didn’t even phase me.  Not once did I gag, plug my nose, do that whole dry heave sort of thing.  I just picked her up, cleaned her off and then cleaned me off and went on as nothing had happened.

I know in my heart of hearts that I want to be a momma someday but sometimes I wonder if I am ready.  Of course I know there is way more too it than cleaning up puke but for me it was the realization that I am ready to be a mom….so Lord bring the man….let’s do this thing!!!


8 thoughts on “She Totally Puked On Me!!!

  1. Good one Lu, Being a mom for the first time comes with so many ‘unknowns’…no one can really prepare you, you have to find out as you go. You passed this test with flying colors and I know your time will come.


  2. Yeah I know that there is so much more to being a mom than being puked on…it’s a little nerve wracking thinking of all of it. That’s probably why they don’t tell you beforehand. Props to all you mommas out there.

  3. Hahahahahaha!!!! At least you were my only child that never puked on me!!! You know you have come full circle when you it is your grand daughter that is puking on you!! Oh, the memories of being a mom…. I can’t wait until you have a baby that will puke on me too!! Looking forward to the day with great joy!

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