Tell Me, Tell Me!!!!

I’m gonna put a challenge out there.  I really would love to see this post get more comments than any post I have ever posted.  And I don’t mean by like 5 or 10 comments.  I’m talking about blowing all posts out of the water.  If you read this, leave a comment.  If you get to this line…keep reading and then leave your comment.

Every Sunday night we have a women’s group and we are spending 8 weeks walking through what it looks like to overcome.  I am not the one running this group, yet, I’m so excited because as you know I LOVE this topic.  As I was looking at the meaning of the word overcome the word vanquish jumped out at me.  Vanquish means to defeat thoroughly.  Not sort of overcome, not kinda walk in freedom, not a little bit of bondage broke off….no we are talking DEFEAT THOROUGHLY!!!!  Oh boy….I love that word.

So we have been walking the last four weeks together talking about different things.  Last week it was on envy and how we as women walk in such envy of other women.  We want their parenting skills, their legs, their hair, their home….and on and on and on!!!!  You know what I’m saying.  The spirit of envy leads to the spirit of murder, if you look at most relationships in the Bible that ended in death or the attempt on another’s life was out of envy.

So this week we were to come with what were talented in and passionate about.  Because rather than being envious of other women and their talents and gifts we want to raise them up, encourage them, be glad for them.  We need not stand and judge, tear down, and wish for them to fall on their faces.  But we do…it’s innately in us and it’s ugly.  What if we as women built one another up, became one another’s biggest fans, celebrated one another’s successes?

So what I want to know in the comments section here….I would love to know three talents that you have and something you are very passionate about.  This isn’t easy, we tend to shrink, to be less, but it’s time to step out of that.  Because last night as we sat in our groups and talked about these things it awoke an excitement as each women talked about their talents and passions.  It made me so excited for what God was going to do in their lives.  It’s not that we rise for the pride and accolades of man but of the Father.  It’s the pride of the Father because he made us, he formed us, he placed these things inside of us.

As it came around to my turn I was asking the Lord what the answer was to my own talents and passions, the things that came up seemed so different than what I thought and they were even things I used to walk in such shame about in my character.

Hi, my name is Lu,

I have realized in my life that I do not do anything half-a$$, I’m extremely obedient, I am a natural born leader and my passion is to see women realize truly who they are in the Lord, and also the strengths they possess.  Fitness is the platform in which I love watching this unravel itself….

It’s your turn….Be bold, tell us who you are, let us get excited for you!!!!!  Men, if you’re reading this, tell us who you are as well, we want to know!!!!


22 thoughts on “Tell Me, Tell Me!!!!

  1. Hello, I’m Leslie! 🙂 One thing I’m good at is being a problem solver. My husband calls me Mrs. Fixit and I can find unorthodox ways to make things work or solve puzzles. I’m also a good overall athlete when I have the motivation and time, which right now is rare. Although I am pretty reserved in most cases, I will stand up and lead if no one else takes control. I am very passionate about my children and making sure they have the best skills possible to become kind, intelligent, loving people.

    Keep up the great work, Lu!!

  2. I enjoy reading your blog Lu, always have a way of making me think about who I am and how I have changed and whom I am becoming. 3 talents, passions seems a bit difficult to see. Just this last year I really started focusing on being a more positive me, radiating the light from within and letting true beauty shine on the outside. I really believe that I have such an infectious personality. I have a huge determination to be fit and to inspire others to be fit. I am motivated and committed!! No excuses, no half a#% doing things. All or nothing! I am doing things that I am scared to do but want to be better for myself. So many women are inspiring me. I saw a quote the other day that in essence means to pay it forward: Be Inspired, Be Inspiring. I love it! Miss you Lu. Going to continue to let this fire in me burn and become a better me!

  3. I love reading your posts and am always inspired by your raw truth. There is always something that hits home and I can relate to when reading and this post is no different. Every day is a journey and I would like to leave you with:

    My name is Crystal,

    I am passionate about living this journey of “life” every waking day, always craving and searching for my inner peace, looking to God for help. I am very structured and committed to setting and achieving goals. I follow through with what I say I am going to do. I have a generous heart. I am enthusiastic about the success of others, as well as my own.

    Thanks Lu for being such an inspiration to me and for being apart of my journey. Hugs!

  4. Hi, my name is Samantha. I understand the importance of self recognition without coming across as bragging. Its uncomfortable for me.

    If I truly look at myself and in my responsiveness to the world, I believe that my strengths are that, I love to solve problems. I am energized by challenges that are perceived as a ‘too much’ by some others. The more complex and uncertain the outcome are the challenges that excite me the most. I place a high importance on self accountability. Once I commit to something, I feel emotionally bound to follow through to completion. I am a great leader. I am an encourager and supported. I truly want people to be inspired by their life and fulfill their dreams so I relate myself to their position to help in whatever capacity I can. I am not afraid to hold people in my life accountable in the ways they have asked. I am not afraid to try most things at least once.

    Great post Lu Lu….Why do women feel the need to tear down other women? I don’t see that as prevalent with males? Maybe a problem to solve? LOL!

    • There is a large group of us really walking this out…being women who call out the best in one another, who celebrate one another, and who call one another to a place so much higher.

  5. My name is Lisa….. This seems to uncomfortable at so many levels. Especially since I was always taught never to brag about my accomplishments, rather be thankful for the gifts God has given me.

    So thank you God for:

    1. Creating me to be a person who always finishes. I can not start something without finishing what I have started. I will push through it at all cost. Projects, workouts & tasks, they will always get done promptly.

    2. Making me a woman of integrity. A characteristic of being honest and having a strong moral principle. I have no problem saying No to things that are not right in my personal convictions.

    3. Making me a person with a sense of humor. I can find laughter in most things & love to make people laugh or smile, even in situations that are serious.

    I am passionate in raising my children to be the women & man that God has made them to be. To know who they are in the Lord and be comfortable in that.

    Thanks Lu for always challenging me! Love it.

  6. My name is Mark. I’m a passionate about making God’s love a reality. I love coming alongside people as they seek to become whole: mind, body and spirit. I analyze just about everything, am a hard worker, a good communicator, an innovator, and health conscious person. I am a husband and father of an amazing wife and family. Most importantly, I am a recipient of God’s grace, and I belong to Him. And…I am blessed by what God is teaching you sister!

  7. Hi my name is Jenny
    I’m a get it done girl, I’m a really great mom, I’m a good communicator.
    I’m passionate about hearing God’s voice and listening. I want to become the woman God see’s. I’m passionate about my family and I’ve found out that I love fitness!

  8. Hello, my name is Linda.
    First, I will say that I am very passionate about my family, absolutely nothing means more to me.
    Talents…….hmmm, that is a hard one.
    I can see right through B.S. (I don’t think I need to spell that out)
    I think my boss would say that I am very talented at work, my job is in 2nd place right behind family.
    I am a truly faithful wife, friend, mother, sister, daughter and aunt.

  9. Hi-
    My name is Kortney 🙂 I LOVE to laugh but I’m also a realist and like to be around intelligent people. My passion is learning everything I can about people and being able to help them. I LOVE people…I can’t wait to see what He has in store for me.

  10. Hi my name is Lindsay… It’s funny because the things I thought God made me to be… I am finding aren’t who I am at all… so at 32 I am having to relearn who I am and what it is God has created me for… I am a leader, I am passionate (sometimes passionately wrong:):) but hey you can’t have it all:), and I have the innate ability to verbally vomit wich comes through as being transparent and genuine:) I am passionate about encouraging women that no one has it all together… that they are not alone and that right now no matter what their situation is God has given them the ability to be free and live without fear… Love you Lu!

  11. Hi, my name is Hannah. This is quite uncomfortable for me, but here it goes…
    I am genuine, loyal, and generally an optimistic person. I LOVE reading, journaling, and meditating on God’s word. I am currently working on building my prayer life and, with God’s help, have so far unveiled my natural ability to encourage others. Praying that God will continue to do incredible things through His Spirit in each and every one of us!

  12. Teacher/mentor:
    Positive and upbeat person
    and as of a couple years ago an inspiration to some and a poster boy for others.

  13. My name is Jan – I have looked at this post on multiple occasions now and never had the guts to write anything….all the thoughts went through my head about not even knowing who I am most of the time.

    I am strategic thinker. I can look at something that looks like a big fat mess to others and see the way to get to the other side quite clearly. One of my daughters used to think I didn’t listen to her when she was talking to me about a problem – until I explained this gift to her and that it was easy for me to see the problem clearly. I believe it helped my relationship with her.

    I am a life-long learner. I love to learn new things. I laugh at myself when I read books because I always read them with a highlighter in my hand because I expect to learn something that I will use later. It makes it hard to loan my books to others as they are scribbled with notes…but It is just how I learn!

    I am true friend and a good mother. These don’t always go hand-in-hand from my children’s perspective. Sometimes the true friend or the good mother has to say or do things that makes others angry or uncomfortable. But I am always motivated by love and wanting that person to be all that God has in store for their lives. I believe my children and my grandchildren’s lives are testimonies of that. I couldn’t be more pleased with the way my kids have turned out!

    Thank you for asking the hard questions Lu. Love you!

  14. ………hmmmmm……..
    I am loyal. I take my relationships very seriously. I invest wholeheartedly into friendships.

    I have faith. I try to live my life as a woman of faith, turning to God in all things good and bad. This is challenging for sure, but I hope to continue to grow and lean more on him.

    I am optimistic and funny. I try to be bit of sunshine for those around me. I usually have a smile on my face and try to keep people laughing. I think most of the time I think I am funnier than other people do, but I am not afraid to laugh at myself.

    I am passionate about people, relationships, family. Helping others. All of these involve people. It is why I love being a mom, a friend, a (substitute) teacher, spending time with those I love, dorky game nights, wine tastings, cooking and entertaining, shopping. Any opportunity for me to engage with others fills me with joy and excitment. I know I have a gift for being social (is that a gift? 🙂 ) I am just not quite sure how God wants me to use that….. 🙂

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