Don’t Get Caught Under It

I have been getting some crazy diamonds lately.  For those that don’t know the stories of my diamonds you can read HERE.  You can also read a blog before that about The Year 29 to get even more understanding.  Or you can just pretend you know what I’m talking about and not have to read all kinds of ramblings this Friday morning.

Ok I’m ready to get to the point now.  So the other morning we were in the prayer room praying for some stuff.  We call it a contending hour.  In our Leadership Track we are memorizing parts of the Bible…not little verses but like The Sermon on the Mount, like the Book of Philippians.  You get the idea, it’s hard.  So we were praying that we would love to read the Bible.  We were all gung-ho the first few weeks sending in what we had done…well I haven’t sent out my memorization for like three weeks…well pretty much because I hadn’t done it.  So our prayer time would be that we would love reading the Bible, that we would understand the goodness of it.  The perfection of’s God’s love story to us.  I’m just going to stop there because I feel a tangent happening.

So as we were praying I saw a picture of a tree, it was a beautiful fruit tree and at the top was really amazing fruit.  The best fruit, it’s at the top of the tree.  It’s a bit of a climb.  It takes effort to get to the top.  So there was one person climbing to the top of the tree, but there was another person…they were standing under the tree picking up what had fallen off of the tree.  They were also just holding out their hands waiting for the fruit to fall.  It was the picture of contending.

As I was journaling later in the day I got the diamond of contending.  So as I usually do I had to go to the dictionary and look up the definition.  Spelling was always a strong suite but not vocabulary.  Praise the Lord for the dictionary app.  It’s my best friend.

To contend means to struggle or battle for in opposition.  It also means to withstand, give one’s all, face, confront, and to assert or maintain earnestly.  The fruit…the best fruit, it’s at the top of the tree.  It takes a struggle to climb branch upon branch, it takes scaling heights, standing on branches that might not feel as steady but…wow I’m going to have to stay on task here I’m getting all kinds of revelations as I’m typing but I need to process them first….focus Lu focus.  So as we choose to battle to the top of the tree, to overcome fear to get the best stuff it’s the same for our lives.

We can stand under the tree and wait, we can pick up the bruised overly ripe stuff off the ground or go to the top.  I started reading the book of Numbers yesterday.  I’m not sure what was there that would be for me.  After I skimmed through all the tribes, the amount of people in each and their duties and on and on we get to the story.  We get to the Israelites and their places of rebellion and fear.  And I was literally struck….I had to stop and just chew on what I was reading.  The Israelites were God’s chosen people.  He promised to protect them, to keep them.

As Moses sends out some of the men to scope out the land, some come back with a great report but a few come back and say that the army is too big, too scary, and they start spreading negative reports about the land.  This leads to the people literally telling Moses they would have rather died back in Egypt and they are literally talking about finding another to lead them back to Egypt.




This struck me so deep.  We do the same thing.  We would rather walk in the bondage we are in.  The bondage of sin, shame, guilt, self-pity, self-rejection, sadness, depression, etc.  We would rather be bound in our own mind, our own bodies.  We choose bondage over the promise of being taken care of.  God promised to protect the people.  But instead they do not believe and they want to go back into captivity over walking into the land of the giants!

We do the same thing…we know that we are bound by the chains of our guilt and shame, anger and bitterness.  Rather than dealing with the past, our hearts would rather run back to bondage.  Rather than climbing to the top of the tree for the best we settle for less than the best.  We would rather choose the easy route.

God promises He will take care of us.  He promises victory for His peeps!!!  So climb the tree even if it’s scary.  Walk into the land that is promised knowing God’s on your side.  I challenge you to no longer stand under the tree and wait, to walk into the land of the giants and overcome!!!!  Contend, battle and withstand the fight!  Go for it!!!!!

Please, please, please do not choose to walk back into bondage because it looks better than facing the giants of the land!!!


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