A Covenant Made

You know when God places people in your life and it just clicks?  You begin to ask why in the world you had never been friends before?  And then you realize that God’s timing is perfect…like if they would have come into your life a day sooner it may not have been what it was…it’s as if in a simple moment God knits your heart together for life.  It’s covenant friendship.  It’s a beautiful thing.  I had been thinking about this the other day so I went to the part of scripture where Jonathan makes a covenant with David, 1 Samuel 18:3-4:

Then Jonathan and David made a covenant, because he loved him as his own soul.  And Jonathan stripped himself of the robe that was upon him, and gave it to David, and his apparel, even to his sword, and to his bow, and to his girdle.

As is typical for me I wanted to dig a little deeper and find some representation for the items that Jonathan gave.  So I’m claiming no Biblical fact to any of what I’m about to say but it’s mere revelation I have gotten as I have dug a little deeper.  As I have pondered more and more I have realized the places I may have been a good friend and then many ways in which I have royally failed.

It says Jonathan gave David his robe, sword, bow and girdle.  To me, each item represents a piece of friendship.

The Robe: A sense of covering, a place of shelter.  This for me was the representation of safety in friendship. I know that my heart is safe with you and you know that yours is safe with me.  I have your back, I will fight for you and I trust that in the same capacity you will do the same.  Friendship involves the depth of knowing each other.  If I let you know me, the chances of you knowing me are a lot higher.  If I never let you in why would I ever think you would let me in.  We are to be a relationship where we are safe to risk, to fall, to fail, to succeed, knowing at all times each heart is good hands.

The Sword: The sword represents divine chastisement or refinement.  To chastise…that sounds like a very scary word, I would much rather like refinement.  The thing is though that at times we need chastisement, refinement most of the time but there’s definitely times where I have needed some serious chastisement.  The chastisement and rebuke hurt my pride but those were the times I would say I grew the most.  This comes from a place of such love and truth, it never comes from a place of anger or frustration but from the Lord.  It’s divine and only builds up!!!  We are to walk beside one another and to be iron sharpening iron.  It’s never fun to walk in a relationship where one person is constantly giving to the other or being called out all the time, we are to walk together each in our own seasons.  I want to know that you will not let me stay the same but that you will continue to be honest and true, even if I don’t want to hear it at the time.

The Bow: The bow is a symbol of victory.  I want to walk with you and champion you in whatever you are called too.  All too often us as women tear one another down, we compare and we worry about whether or not we are good enough.  What if we started cheering one another on in victory rather than hoping failure would come so she wouldn’t be better than me?  What if we were a generation of women who literally encouraged the best part of us, if we called out the talents and beauty!!!  That would be something else.  You need not compare yourself, God’s created you to be different, to be you, so go cheer her on so that we all can rise up as a team rather than back biting women hoping another will fall.  It’s time for freedom and victory…wow that sounds super cheesy and a little cheerleader/coach-ish.  Oh well I’m going to leave it, so thanks for bearing with me.

The Girdle: Righteousness and faithfulness were the girdles of the Messiah.  Jesus represented righteousness and faithfulness.  This spoke to me as a place of loyalty and trust in friendship.  It goes along with the robe, but you have my trust and you have my loyalty.  Loyalty is faithfulness to a commitment or oath.  The more and more we trust in friendship the deeper the bond, the deeper the relationship.  I know your word is true.  I know you desire the best for me and me for you.

I can say that I have never walked rightly in friendship.  I have had my moments of being a good friend but I so desire to walk in every area I have just talked about.  We will not walk in this place with every person we ever come across but in our lifetime we will have covenant friendships.  They are a gift from heaven and they truly can change our lives.  Friendship will not always be easy, but the ones that are hard, are usually the ones worth fight for.  And I don’t know about you but when you know that you are fought for and are willing to fight for another person your heart is knit even tighter together.


17 thoughts on “A Covenant Made

  1. Absolutely love your call to women… including yourself…. to have covenant friendships. As in truly wanting the ‘best for the other’ friendships where there is love, trust, accountability and plenty of cups of tea/coffee when listening and comfort are needed. Beautiful, Lu, and spot on.

      • Well guess what? Love you too. Oh, and it is “Curry”…haha… you would have figured that out. Love the way you distilled some thoughts on friendship for me… when it gets right down to it I am probably a lazy ole cow that waits for someone else to say it better than I could. Today, Lu, you get the prize;> xoxo

  2. So love this. And so spot on about God’s timing being perfect. I always love how there are friendships where it doesn’t matter where you live or how much time goes by, when you meet with those friendships it is like time apart has made no difference. Love your use of the sword, bow etc.

  3. Oh wow again! I have had the absolute pleasure of having deep friendships in my life. This is such a perfect story of true, real and raw friendship. My longest dearest friend….has represented the friendship of David and Jonathon. I used to always tell her she was my David and I was her Jonathon 🙂 But it’s more than that…..so many sweet friendships can have all the qualities you described. God calls us to love! What a great example of loving a friend you gave here Lu!!! Thank you for sharing what God showed you!!! Hugs!!!

    • I love this Treva…so good. I wish they had some females that had covenant friendship…well I guess Ruth and Naomi….but that was more like mother daughter…oh well we can just stick with David and Jonathan.

  4. Great wisdom from the Lord in this!! This also completely applies to the best friend relationship between spouses! I do so treasure those friends who are truly biblical covenant friends – the ones who push me farther, are not afraid to call me out, but also cheer me on and pick me up when I fall. As women I think we often miss out on so much in the area of friendship. Such good wisdom, not only on what friendship should look like, but also what areas we should be growing in to be better friends to the people in our lives.

  5. Love this Lu! God brings these relationships to us at different times and each is unique, but equally as wonderful. ❤

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