Outta Bed, Crazy Hair, No Makeup Sort of Video

I love and miss you all soooooo much!!!  Just wanted to say hello and let you in on some stuff going on here in Kona.

15 thoughts on “Outta Bed, Crazy Hair, No Makeup Sort of Video

  1. Okay….so seriously….we have NEVER met and yet I feel like I know you!!! Really just from hearing people (like Lindsay and Lisa) say so many amazing things about you! Watching this was like “HEY, we’re having coffee or something”….hehe! Ooooh my favorite part is seeing your room….and your RED MUG (fave color)….and when you drank your coffee in the middle of your thought!!! Seriously like we are there with you!!! Anyhoo…it’s late and I’m rambling! Awesome to see God working in your life!!! Hugs!!!

    • Oh my gosh Treva…that’s so funny. I totally did drink coffee during my thought…wow. I think I’m going to do more video blogs…they are fun and take less time typing. Hahaha. Great post the other day.

  2. Aww, so good!! You sounded so peaceful. “I don’t know, maybe help put away floatie equipment?” 🙂 Loved it, love you. Lots of blessings!!! Biiig hugs from me to you.


  3. Hi Lulu! Great to see your face and hear your voice! I admire your patience with living in such a small space. Miss and love you!!!
    Auntie S

  4. Aw man, totally missed this on Friday but it sure has got my Monday off to a good start, Lu…. also heard an a.m.a.z.i.n.g. story of Skype yesterday about the surprising turn of events at the church….. so proud of you initiating conversation with that lone person and the others joining in. Awesome. Miss you, miss seeing you smile and laugh… miss great conversations last week.
    xo Nancy
    P.S. It has been snowing, uh huh, snowing here in lotusland Vancouver…… think of us as we harness up the dog sleds for our trek out to get seal and fish and, um…. whale and, and, and on our way to visit Nanook of the North;>

  5. Cannot believe I didn’t answer this… well given my penchant for lassitude, actually, I suppose I can. Totally would love to Skype…. think I have an account still ???? will check today. My e-mail addie is ndcurry@shaw.ca. Miss you. Comments on “Simplicity of Love” are where they should be surprisingly enough. Yeppers. Under “Simplicity of Love” ;>

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