The Simple Acts of LOVE

As I saw this picture the simplicity of love just overwhelmed me.  It’s so easy, but we just tend to make it so hard.  I literally spent two hours in the water with Malena, a 25 year old woman with down syndrome.  She was one of the sweetest, kindest, happiest women I had ever met.  She nicknamed me Mary Lu…and every time she would say my name she would laugh so hard at her clever little name she had given me.  She was just oozing with joy.

We floated around with her as she look at coral, fish, and other amazing things under the sea.  I was so cold and my lips were turning blue but it didn’t even matter, because she was loving it and that’s truly the only thing that mattered to me at that time.  She was changing me.  She was teaching me to put others first…I have been such a selfish girl.  Her joy was altering my character…she was helping to change me.

I think sometimes we make loving people so complicated…we have to get to know them, then learn to trust them, and then figure out how to love them.  Sometimes that’s the case but so many times it’s literally the littlest things that could radically alter the life of another person.

-Stop at the corner and give the man with the sign some food, or even a dollar.  Maybe he will go buy a beer, but maybe he won’t.

-Stop and ask the homeless person if they need anything and then go get it for them.  One day this man said he just wanted some chocolate milk…oh the simplicity.

-Smile at someone when you walk by them.

-Cheer someone on as they are on a run and you drive by them or walk by them.

-Pray for the person in front of you at church.

-Leave a note for your husband telling him something you simply love about him.

-Take your kiddos out on a date.

-Buy coffee for the person behind you in line.

I think one of the largest things I have learned is the desire to be a servant.  To love by serving.  Because when we serve, when we love we are actually changed.  We love better I’m sure of it!!!  It’s what Jesus did, he came as the ultimate servant.  Take the time to ask people how you could best love and serve them.  It could literally change the course of their life and yours.  Never take for granted the simple acts.  They are the ones that mean the most.

Love is simple you guys and by loving we are changed.  I don’t know about you but I want to look more like Jesus every day.  I want to love better and serve with joy.   It’s so incredibly simple.  I would love to hear what you are going to do or did today that was a simple place of loving another by serving them.  Tell me, tell me!!!!

5 thoughts on “The Simple Acts of LOVE

  1. Lu…. what to say except that reading this gave me “goose flesh”. Could not agree more that we make loving others and ourselves a whole lot more complicated than we need to. Probably sometimes out of avoidance, and a lot of the time because it is like a muscle that we do not keep toned and strong nearly enough. I love your list…. challenging. Today I am going to ask Jesus to show me, to give me His eyes to see that opportunity/opportunities where I am invited to do simple acts of love. By the way… when I look at you, or read your words I see Jesus. And when I pray for you He tells me He is crazy about you. xoxo

  2. Lulu….I am sure she means MERRY Lu as you look so happy in this photo. It is so amazing what loving someone does for you! And Nancy’s comment about Jesus telling her He is crazy about you brought this momma to tears. Of course He is!!! I am too!!!
    Love you!

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