A Prayerful Wife


Today I just wanted to post a blog that my sister in law wrote and a story my brother was willing to share.  These two know how to fight for marriage.  It’s something our generation chooses not to do much anymore.  I was about to type, “something our generation doesn’t do anymore.”  The truth is though, we just choose not to.  When it gets hard…we’re done!!!  That’s not the heart of the Lord.  It’s not how He intended marriage to be.  Can you fight harder for your spouse, can you pray for your spouse more?  Can you choose to see the goodness God has placed inside of them.  If it’s too hard right now (as your situation has gotten grim) ask God what He thinks of your spouse (it will only be life and love…He will never speak condemning or bad things about your spouse, it’s not His character) ask Him who He created them to be.  He might even tell you some amazing things you never even knew!!!

God’s heart is for redemption and so should ours be as well!!!  Enjoy.

HOW TO PRAY FOR YOUR HUSBAND                                                                              -by Ashley Crenshaw

I wish I would have learned this early on in my marriage.

I don’t have it all together. I don’t have a perfect marriage (we all know that doesn’t exist!). But I do know so much more now than when I first decided to get married 7 years ago. There are so many things I’ve learned, that I wish I would have been told or would have listened when someone gave me advice on what it means to be a wife. I failed miserably for years at being a wife. Not by societies standard, but by my own standard.

Being a wife, to me now, means taking care of my husband. Not like taking care of a child, but in a way that demands love. My job is to stand by his side. My job is to keep the ends tied. I love the relief I can see on his face when he comes home to a clean house! Or when there’s food in the fridge and his laundry is done and in his drawers. I get the pleasure of being that to him because he shows me love unconditionally. I always thought that if I could just be a better cook, or a better house cleaner, or a little more independent that I would finally arrive as a wife! But the truth is that when I started to learn to pray for my husband, pray with my husband, and pray over him that our life was transformed radically. He began to respect me as a spiritual leader in our family. He began to feel my love for him. He began to understand my heart as a woman. Not as a mom, or a wife, or a coach, or a photographer. As a woman… READ ENTIRE STORY

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