More Than Sport

Sometimes it’s crazy how big God wants us to dream.  I think sometimes I have dreamt such big dreams and then God just taps me on the shoulder and say, “Too small”.

As I am staffing right now I am also helping out with an amazing non-profit organization called More Than Sport.  This organization was started by Chris Lieto.  I did my DTS last year with Chris and his wife.  He may be a professional athlete but he’s one humble man and his heart is to serve.

I am honored to be a part of the MTS crew and can’t wait to see what God is going to do.  All kinds of doors are opening in all kinds of exciting areas of sport!!!  This weekend we are taking a group of about 20-30 professional athletes to help finish a food machine, paint, build, feed, and do arts and crafts with the Marshallese people here on the island.  There is a big Ironman race this weekend and the day after the race we will be taking the athletes to serve the community here!!!

Check out this 20 minute documentary created after an outreach in Panama earlier this year with More Than Sport.

More Than Sport Panama Mission Video

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