Get This Thing Outta Me Already!!!

Picture by Gypsy Jane Photography

Can I tell you about a dream I had?????

I was running across this berm and all I was was a shadow, but I was watching myself run. And all of a sudden as I’m running….boom!  My water breaks, weird I know, but I see my water break from a distance.  So I know I need to go to the hospital.  So as I am in my hospital bed I look down and I’m myself again (I’m no longer watching me).  As I look down  at my stomach I am a little confused that my water broke because I look about 4 or 5 months pregnant.  Not pregnant enough to be giving birth.

So as I realize that it’s time to have the baby I get up to start walking around to try and get the process moving along, the more I’m walking around though, the less and less pregnant I am becoming.

The nurse walks in the door and sees that I am less and less pregnant, I no longer even look pregnant anymore.  She looks at me and says oh honey this has happened to me before.  All you need to do is (insert her own word that I can’t remember)…basically she told me I needed to try and fart, but she used another word.  So I woke up as I was scrunching my face doing all I could to try and fart…but I couldn’t…BOOM, dream over.

You may be wondering why I’m blogging about farting and pregnancy….

As I sat down to process this thing with the Lord it all became so clear to me.

The Pregnancy: The birthing of a dream

The Fart: Blowing hot air

God has given the woman a season of gestation with a child.  There are phases, months, trimesters and all the such.  There is growth that needs to happen before the baby is born.

I have so many big huge dreams inside of my heart right now…SO MANY.  And so badly do I want to start making them all happen.  I want to start writing, to start speaking, to start doing what I was created to do!!!

At this moment in time though it is very important that I do not try and birth all of these things too early, I need to not blow hot air to make it happen.  I need to let the baby form, to grown, to be nourished in the safety of the womb.  I need to wait because God’s timing is way better than mine.

You know what happens if a baby comes out before it’s time?  You have to try and keep it alive.  The heart is not fully developed, the lungs don’t function as they should, you have to try and keep the child alive.  You have to use artificial tools to keep the child alive.

It is the same with our dreams.  If we are not ready or the phase is not ready there is only hot air and a fight for life that must occur.  If I continue to wait until the timing is as it should be I won’t have to force a thing and I won’t have to try and fight to keep the dream alive.  It will be birthed, it will grow and it will be exactly what it’s supposed to be, but boy is it hard.  I just want this thing out of me…I want the books out and written, I want to speak on all that makes me excited about….I want to see people rise to their true potential.  But all that I can do right now is be, grow, learn, and wait until the timing is perfect and the birthing process is natural and the perfect dream is birthed.


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