He Blows My Mind!!!!

Disclaimer: I’m not telling this story to see how generous I am.  I really want you to see the absolute faithfulness of the Lord.

So I’m digging through my backpack the other day…it’s one that has all kinds of cool pockets on it.  When looking for new cars I would always love to get in and see all the gadgets, the more on the dashboard the better!  I once got in to an Xterra and there weren’t enough knobs and buttons on the dash…so I didn’t buy it.  SERIOUSLY, so silly right?  Ok, well anyways I really have no idea where that tangent came from because it has absolutely nothing to do with anything.

So I’m digging through the pockets of my really cool backpack.  I had left it here in Kona when I made my last trip, so I hadn’t seen it in a bit.  I was looking for my headphones and so I started digging through all the pockets.  Much to my surprise in one of the pockets I found a wad of cash!!!  At first it look like some ones and a five.  As I began to look closer I found myself a hundred dollar bill in the mix, final count $138.

On Thursday nights there is a sort of church service on campus, there’s a speaker, music and people from all over come.  So as the night is coming to a close I feel the Lord prompt me to give my friend standing next to me the hundred dollar bill.  So I reach over and tuck it in her hand and go back to singing.  It’s so great to just know that it’s what was asked of you and then just doing it.  And I’m not sure bummed or anything, I found the cash today anyways, so it was like it got given to me as a gift and then the Lord asked to give it.

So yesterday I went to grab the van keys from on of the girls I staffed with.  As I was leaving  she handed me an envelope.  As I opened the envelope there was some change in the bottom of the envelope, I open up this sweet note and find myself $101.45.  I just started laughing!!!

That’s such the humor of the Lord, He’s so faithful!!!  

I am just constantly blown away by the Lord.  Someone said the other day after I shared a story that she didn’t have a cool testimony.  We all have testimonies, but I can say to you that the day I stepped out in radical obedience was the day my stories got a little crazier!  He wants to do greater things in your life.  He wants to show you that he is good, that he is faithful.  Will you let him?


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